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> Satanael Kamisama

> Satan-sama
> Satan
> God

> Beginning of time (mentally)
> 18 (physically)

> 6 feet, 6 inches, and 6 centimeters

> Bisexual
> Aromantic

> He/Him

> Always wears flashy suits.
> Hair is pitch black.
> Hair has a red fade
> Wears leather gloves.
> Likes to wear shades.
> Has black scalera.
> Vibrant red iris.
> Has relatively sharp fangs
> Has 'emo' hairstyle.
> Fit, but not too fit.
> Perfect body.
> 10 inch dick
> Has a scar across his right eye.
> Has lots of piercings

> Prideful
> chaotic evil (neutral evil)
> Slothful
> Egotistical
> Secretly cares (for friends)
> Ruthless (to enemies)
> Friendly
> Lazy
> Procrastinator
> Fun
> Manipulative
> Nonchalant
> Pessimistic
> Laid back

> Chaos
> Fun
> Games
> Friends
> Animals
> Fighting
> Winning
> Being right
> Steak
> Anime
> A good book
> Porn
> Manga
> Relaxing

> Being wrong
> Being corrected
> Egg yolk
> Being bothered
> Annoyances
> Loud constant noises
> Know-it-all's
> Assholes (people)

> Satan sama is both the Devil himself, and God himself.

> Satan created the universe, and all it's inhabitants.

> Sometimes Satan likes to go to the mortal world to have fun with the humans.

> Satan can reside in both heaven an hell, though he prefers to be in hell.

> Satan has friends in heaven, hell, and the overworld.
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