Hi all, 
          	First, hope you’ve all been safe over the past year-and-a-half :) 
          	Second, I know so many of you have been asking me about what’s happening next in the adventures of Octavia, Ace, and the crew. The truth is, over these past few years, I have been writing a completed novel about them... well, sort of. 
          	I’ve been working on a fantasy novel based on a dear and underrepresented East-Asian culture. All the characters—have been repurposed, grown, altered, etc. Though I love the snappy action and witty comments of Kidnapped by the Agent, (not saying that there isn’t a shortage of snappy comments in this new novel) I wanted to challenge myself to write a more complex story. The reason why I haven’t posted anything is because I’ve been looking more-so intro traditional publishing, as it’s always been my goal to formally publish. 
          	It’s not ready just yet, but do know that during this long hiatus I haven’t stopped writing. Most importantly, I wanted to thank all of you. Never before did I consider being able to write this much, or even consider pursuing publishing formally, without your support. Truly—I am thankful for all of you that decided to click on all that stemmed from a random thought in my head when I was sixteen.
          	Last but not least—if you have a dream or something that you want to pursue, know that it’s going to kick your ass multiple, multiple times, then it’s going to proceed to give you many existential crises. If something seems daunting, set tiny tiny goals that even a premature-baby could accidentally accomplish. 
          	Thanks for listening to this ramble, 
          	-v. & v.


@ValorAndVice Feel free to pursue whatever that resonates with you. But, I must say that the KBTA book is FREAKING AWESOME. DAMN MAN, I LOVED EACH AND EVERY CHARACTER !!. So, please at least finish the novel with a good ending as the suspense is killing :(


@ValorAndVice I'm glad to know you haven't stopped writing! And sooooo relieved that u didn't drop sequel for KBTA..its been so long I downloaded wattpad(twice) for your updates. And glad to see this post! ♥ 


@ValorAndVice I'm excited for the sequel of Kidnapped by the agent


@valorandvice if you plan on continuing your book consider an interview for your characters it would be sooper dooper fun for all of us! 
          She is writing a very interesting romantic story and the main character is a journalist who takes interviews of various characters, it will be great to see your work featured here©


Babe just atleast update to let us know if the book is not gonna be continued. Or rather it’ll be published instead? It’s been like 4 years.  Because atleast we all will stop having hope for something that is not gonna happen. Hope you come back now ♥️


@scorpio1011c yeah she did mention changing the backgrounds of the characters, which I'm against.  Pray do tell, what's her inkitt username?