"A Believing Heart Is My Magic" 

✨Orginally Yuri_Lover98 and Yuri_Princess98 [both my accounts got deleted Rip this getting ridiculous at this point] I want everybody to follow me again so we can roleplay and talk✨

✨I love to read Yuri and Roleplay Yuri [I only roleplay Yuri if you to do Straight or Yaoi won't do it maybe if your a close friend!! ]✨

✨I'm a massive Anime fan ✨

✨I'm m a massive Gamer as well 👾✨

✨I'm a Potterhead I'm a Hufflepuff #HufflePride# and Hermione is Best Girl✨

✨I'm such trash for Spinel and I'm not afraid to admit it I love her so much✨

✨I'm massive fan of Lovestruck My Favorites are Medusa, Altea, Helena, Andi, Lorelei, MacKenzie,Vanessa Vivienne, Zoe, Aurora, Liora, Runa, Emeril, Serena and Nova, Wrath, Zhora✨

✨I'm a lesbian Pringle ready to
Mingle 🏳️‍🌈✨

✨I'm 23 years old [I'm so old] ✨

✨I have Austim but fully functioning Autistic so don' treat me like I'm an idiot!! ✨

✨I also love the You tubers Pewdiepie, Jacksepticeye, Markiplier, Laurenzside, Kubzscouts, Safiya, Naayard,CallmeKevin, theoddsoneout, Vixella, Gloom, Yammy, Found Flix , Dead Meat,and Jaiden Animations, Elvis the alien and Amanda the Jedi✨

✨I love Horror Movies and TV shows ✨

✨my friends are✨
@TheAirGuardian[she's my longest friend on here]

Off and on
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Yuri_Princess198 Yuri_Princess198 Jan 12, 2024 06:37PM
Rip lottiethelesbo Hp hermione Granger x fem! reader. You will be miss the constant times I read when I had no internet the other being the one by Sheogasm check it out, it's just as good 
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