You ever relise somone you never met irl has made more of an impact on you positively then anyone youve known irl
Theres beauty in decay
Im so fucking tired
The names alex/jackson/pluto kinda what ever the fuck you wanna call me or jax for short idc Any and all prounouns example/what im comfy with they/he/it/ end/ fire/fir honeslty i dont give a flying shit what you call me
Im polyamorous dont know my sexuality but mayb be ace
Um im autistic and gay i like books and trees uh i have three sogs and two rats im the oldest sibling of 4 or 5 siblings. I sometimes age regress
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aqqle_pi aqqle_pi Sep 19, 2023 02:06AM
Fuck adults“IF YOU WERE LISTENING I WOULDNT HAVE TO YELL AT YOU”Kinda of stepdad to his kid and not hats not how that fucking works you ass i dont give a flying fuck if hes not in the shower yet yo...
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