hey everyone! :)
          	im leaving wattpad and im not completely sure if ill be back..
          	i love each and every single one of yall. take care of yourself. take care of others. be a nice person. be you. study hard. go to college. get a job. dont be broke. have a good life. become the richest person in the world (just persuade elon musk to give you all his money!)
          	very logical advice
          	anyways, have a good life! ill be back soon!


@everyday-amazing bestie i missed you while i was gone...
          	  Ily and stay safe, even if I'm replying late


@everyday-amazing bye ill miss you you made my day even if it just sucked thank you for that


@everyday-amazing have a great break! We will miss you <3


Hey girlie, I miss you so much it hurts. I understand you aren’t coming back but…a piece of me still wishes you would, even though all of this is probably for the best. I love you so much and I’ll never forget you. I hope you’re out there somewhere, and happier than you’ve ever been <3
          With love, your Rosie :’)
          ( @SpiritedPegasus )


Heyy! I wish you would come back. I love talking to you and getting those messages from you always made my day. I'm finally writing!! This is in part to you and only you. I wish you were able to see how far I've come. I know that you would be so proud of me for breaking out of my shell. I miss you so much it hurts. I'll love you forever and never forget you!


I don't know what's happened Sonia, Sonya is gone, her account is missing once again. You'll probably never see this message but there are several times I almost break down when I see your follow. What's the use of it if you're gone? I just wish that you'll be back to send me funny messages or just talk with me, I wish that you're here but I know you're probably out there, somewhere on the other side of the world. Remember when we had matching themes? You were always supporting me and helping me, I'm going to get you to 500 followers soon. There are hundreds of people that love you. And where has Sonya gone? You're my first and best wattpad friend, and I really miss you.




Hey! I know you probably won't see this for a long time.. if not ever.. BUT
          Your account is probably the best thing ever :)
          Like it literally makes me smile every time I come in here lol
          Make sure you tell Elon Musk to give you money too! 
          (Or maybe just march right up to the president's office and knock on  his door, I'm sure he has money to spare :D)
          Anywayses, see u later I hope 
          Forever and always
          ~SpiritedPegasus or Rosieee