ahahahahaha hey guys— 
          	i’m aware i’ve been missing for a while- and i’m going to have to say that i really won’t be very active. it’s not that i don’t WANT to write. it’s simply that this year is very very important in terms of academics for me. writing isn’t going to be prioritised but i’ll try to whenever i have the chance or the inspiration. 
          	second of all, hOLY fCuK— 1K foLLoWers? uHm- wHat are y’aLL doing with yOur LiVes? BUT IN ALL SERIOUSNESS, THANK YOU SO MUCH— literally never even imagined getting this far- it really means a lot and i really really hope that eventually, when my schedule isn’t so busy, i can really write for you without these prolonged delays. despite the lack of updates, to have so many follow me is just- wOW- thank you, genuinely! ♡
          	and uhhh, tHANK YOU FOR READING MY BOOKS IN THE FIRST PLACE???? i haven’t been reading comments recently and i barely even opened this app but— i’ll make an effort to re-engage with you all :) 
          	i love you ♡
          	— RAIN 


@ggukfinitae we be always by your side, good luck for the year then. love 


Hi !! I just saw your author's note and I have heard from tins of people that this book is a piece of art but I didn't read it cause its not completed and that it's too angsty and just to note i love angst because real life is angst and not some fluffy romance  so I would just like to ask is this fic gonna have a happy ending ( please give them a happy ending because no matter what happy ending is what makes the angst worth) and please take care of your mental health because no matter what a fanfiction is not worth a detoriating mental health 


oh my god im soo sorry i only jus saw this message!! thank you sm for your kind words, it means a lot to me <33 i do feel better now and i have been motivated enough to finally finish edifice so yAY! :D 
            coming to a happy ending… ultimately yes, there will be a happy ending in the book doe that only comes in the epilogue.. it’s only because i tried to portray realism that the first ending pre-epilogue may be v angsty but yEs i’d say the angst is worth it for the ending taekook finally get if i do say so mySelF :D 
            i hope you’re doing welll and taking care of yourself! ❤️❤️❤️


Please update Edific   please author nim  literally one of the best taekook books I’ve read


hi guys im so sorry for keeping you all waiting, i think im back now and i’ll see what i can do : )


@Shamz_0  yes I need an update too


Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I love love love absolutely love your stories 
          I mean they are so jghjsgsjvsjdghshdvsjs
          You are a great author and you deserve much more more. 
          I love youuuu♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡


aw thank you so much!! it means a lot, especially once i came back here after so long! i love you too, thank you for your support ♡