the only angst I need is sasusaku


James and Atlas for me pls

C u t e s t C ○ U P L E (*cue honey bunny sugar plum music)

1. James and Annabeth from Arc-en-ciel (forever bae 🤌🏼) 👑🥕🦋
2. Atlas and Ophelia from All things that fall 🧚‍♀️🎻(the feelings you get from reading this book😍)
3. Aresius and Alette from Alette🐸
4. Apollo and Arabella from Arabella🦖
5. Charlie and Carly from CREATURE 🤖
6. Stone and Ella from Fairytale Green 🍏
7. Dalaric and Mayella from DALARIC🐧
8. Darius and Roxanne from Ethereal🍧
[messy reading lists just because]
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