I write mature erotic Black Panther stories featuring Erik "Killmonger" Stevens. Creed 3, & Blade. Mature audiences only. Explicit content.  

Also, my work has been stolen on Wattpad by other writers...ahem "Forty-Seven G"..., so if you are a Black Panther Writer, readers will snitch on you if you take my stuff, and they have. Streets be watching.

My Pantherverse:
Erik's Chronological Book and Age Order:
1. Black Boys Bloom Thorns First Vol 1 (N'Jobu meets Erik's mother & they go through some thangs, whew!)
2. Black Boys Bloom Thorns First Vol 2 (Erik is born & we follow his family up until he is about 10 & it ends where the Black Panther movie Prologue starts)
3. Stark's New Intern (Erik is 19 & does an internship with Tony Stark before he goes to M.I.T.)
4. Forty-Seven G (Erik is 21 and meets a flight attendant on his way to a wedding. Mile High Club shenanigans)
5.Say Less (Erik is 22 and goes on A Spring Break trip during his time at M.I.T.)
6.. Black Boys Bloom Thorns First Vol 3 (Erik is 20-30 and it follows him from M.I.T. all the way until he gets into Special Ops and turns into a mercenary)
7. Wet Sugar (Erik is 33 and it tells the story of how he met and worked for Klaue and goes into Wakanda)
8. Black Boys Bloom Thorns First Vol. 4 AKA Wet Sugar 2 (Erik's redemption story in Wakanda and how he adjusts once Shuri revives and leads into the Thanos snap)
9. King Killmonger: The Golden Jaguar (After the Thanos snap, Erik takes over the throne once more and battles Namor from Atlantis before T'Challa and Shuri return from being missing)

People often ask so yes, I wrote a Black cowboy, a Black surfer, and a Black vampire fic. I took them down to indie pub soon under my name, Lisa B. Trinidad. Follow me on my other account here: @The_Conjure_Woman

I'm on Tumblr, Ao3, and Fanfic.net! I appreciate any & all feedback! (paypal.me/blakndn)
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