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A very long one here (ahem) ;;
There is some gore and violence

Unediteddd and fast pacing because it was getting too long lmao
(OkAy uPdate I edited it a lil)

Hope this fills your appetite 🥚

"What a day," you mumbled to yourself as you dragged yourself up the stairs of Wangshu Inn, balancing a plate of almond tofu and a stack of paper in your hands.

Chef Mao had gladly allowed you to cook a dish and serve yourself because of your frequent visits as a traveller. So had taken advantage of the opportunity, especially since the crowds had died down. You hadn't been to the balcony of the Inn at all, because of all those guests. Preferring the quiet, you stayed to the room that was essentially permanently rented to you. The views from the windows were enough to satisfy your need for nature's beauty anyways. But despite this, you were still curious about what the world looked like from higher above. Wangshu Inn was famous for having clear views all around. Currently it was midnight and everyone had returned to their rooms. You were often fast asleep at this time but for some abnormal reason your mind was running fullspeed. Instead of feeling frustrated, you took this as a chance to finally get a peek at the landscape, while enjoying a snack and planning for the next day.

As you neared the top of the staircase, you were awestruck by the widening view of vast night sky. Stars skimmered across the navy blue gently, their light escaping onto the world. The cool air let itself be known, brushing the strands of your hair against your cheek. Carefully, as if afraid that you could wake the peace from its slumber, you tiptoed across the balcony, stopping when the wooden floors made any slight creaks. You left your items by you side as you sat down on the edge, legs hanging over. Instinctively you swung your legs back and forth, leaning on the bottom rail with crossed arms. It brought back a chilling sense of nostalgia. Looking out into the distance, you had never a sight as clear as what you were seeing. Every crease and nook of both natural and manmade stood out. The autumn hues of flora painted the countless mountainous regions, as well as the more level lands.

Unexpectedly a muffled cough brought you out of your lost gaze and you looked up to your left, slightly flabbergasted. The landscape around you was diminished to nothing as you were caught by the swirls of his golden eyes and the aqua highlights of his hair wavering in the breeze. One arm was gloved and the other revealed an enticing tattoo. He radiated extravagance in every way - you couldn't help but stare. He did the same right back down at you, arms crossed as he inspected you.

"Mesmerising," you whispered in a daze, stating the only words in your head.

He blinked, tilting his head at you with confused eyes. And in response you froze, slapping a hand over your mouth, heat rising to your cheeks. Quickly, you broke eye contact and searched desperately around you for a distraction. You let out an exclamation of relief as you picked up the plate of almond tofu by your side and shoved it at him.

"Woah," he spluttered, raising his hands in a defensive way. His eyes widened slightly, pupils dilating.

Ignoring both your empty stomach and his clear indication of distrust, you extended your arms further towards him, forcing him to take the food from your grip. He eyed it suspiciously, but it quickly turned to curiosity as he prodded it with the spoon on the plate. The tofu was soft, but maintained a certain firmness to it. It was coated in a honey like substance, decorated with almonds and some sweet red bean paste on the side. It was your specialty dish, and one of the few things you ate consistently. Hesitantly he sat down, holding the dish in front of him so that he could investigate it better.

"Sorry for staring-" you apologised out of the blue, cutting yourself off when you came to the realization that everything you had done was only making things more awkward.

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