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Fireman has arrived, he's here to burn you more. Do you:
a) accept
b) accept
c) accept
d) all of the above

Choose wisely, for the choice clearly matters and you clearly have a choice.

The Knights of Favonious Headquarters was rather quiet in the morning, which was definitely out of the ordinary. Usually you would be getting requests nonstop by everyone but oddly, no one was around. You weren't a part of the Favonious Knights, contrary to what people believed. That theory seemed to have emerged from the fact that you acted as an assistant to them. However, your presence there was a result needing communication between the wine industry and Mondstadt's city. The job was inherited from your parents, who had retired immediately as soon as you turned 16. Apparently, Diluc was not someone they enjoyed being around. You understood where that conclusion came from, but you couldn't relate with their experience. That was years ago though.

Confused and slightly bored, you wandered through the hallways, giving an occasional nod to guards and maids you recognised. Rarely had you been able to appreciate the beauty of the building under the glows of morning light. The leaves outside were swaying lightly, glowing with soft highlights. You could almost feel the cool breeze from inside the building. As you went further into the building, you started to hear familiar voices, their words unclear. You didn't realise as your steps took you towards a meeting room with its door cracked open, until Amber caught your passing gaze and waved at you. Suddenly, silence settled among the crowd. Along with their conversation, your footsteps also stopped. You swallowed, thinking you had done something wrong until the door opened fully, revealing vision users you recognised.

Jean, who had opened the door, gave you a welcoming smile and stepped to the side, "Please, come in."

"We were just talking about you," Kaeya mused, hand on his chin in thought.

"Oh?" you mumbled as you tread into the room cautiously. You turned to close the door and looked around to see nervous glances. "What's up?"

Amber sighed. Being the most extroverted one, she was the first to speak up. "We need you to go see Diluc."

Your eyes widened slightly at the request, because there weren't any occasions you were aware of. "Of course. Right now?"

Lisa suddenly stood up from where she was sitting and gave you a worried look, "You have to be careful, sweetie. Today is a rather..."

You tilted your head and your eyebrows furrowed. You had been asked to report to Diluc many times before and no one was ever concerned. Amber looked away somewhat guiltily, extremely out of character. Even Lisa, as confident as she was, avoided your questioning eyes.

Kaeya coughed, bringing your attention to him. "Today is the day of our father's death. The Knights have a contract that requires a visit to him, in supposed honour. We also visit to resign and confirm the contract - so that he won't try to reveal everything."

You frowned from hearing this, as no one had mentioned it to you before. "So what exactly do I need to do? Considering I'm not officially a part of the Knights?"

"We have actually decided to close the contract, since it was generations ago," Jean explained, offering a tight smile, "and since those meetings turned from the contract into simple condolences. Kaeya had gone to check on but Adeline was rambling about Diluc being out of control so he returned, shamefully I must admit."

Kaeya muttered to himself, shaking his head in disbelief, "Knowing how much he despises us, don't wanna lose a head you know?"

"I see," you stated, standing upright. "I'll go then."

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