Questions with no answers

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Eran's POV
I never realized when I fell fast asleep last night after coming back from Hunter's. There were a lot of missed calls,hundreds of texts on messenger and a lot of what's app notifications. Unfortunately I left my phone back at the charge and blacked out on my bed because of the amount of tiredness and shits I had to go through yesterday.

I switched on my phone,going firstly towards the inbox of Rose and mine,after which left my mind to be completely disappointed. She left me on the read and didn't even care to call me back. I know the fact,that if I was in her place,I would have been hurt too,but she's just now making a mountain out of a molehill.

"Good morning Rose!" I texted,normally hoping for a reply and the text did get delivered. Now this was getting on my nerves. I quickly grabbed my AirPods for the night stand and directly called her on her phone. After a couple of rings,she finally decided to pick the call up. "Hello?" she answered with a groggy voice.


She just woke up. I woke her up! Oh god! "Hi!" I said,with a cheery voice. She might have stood up from her bed and cleared her throat replying, "hey! Good morning" as I started to fangirl over her morning raspy voice.

Holy shit

"Whatcha doing" I asked,shaking my head as I realized the amount of flushed I felt. "Just woke up,can I call you back later?" she replied as I rolled my eyes. I nodded and disconnected the call sighing to myself. With a heavy heart, I typed in the text, "I'm sorry for behaving rude with you Rose,I just didn't like the way you spoke that day" and sent it.

Sighing I got up from my bed excusing myself for a good stretch. Stretching after a long deep sleep is so satisfying I swear to god! But I seriously wish,that what if Rose was just right there sleeping next to me,I would have gotten the opportunity to watch her sleep and would have pulled her in my arms.

But I guess madam is way too busy being mad at me. I slipped  into a pair of black pants,a black T-shirt matched with a leather black jacket and brushed my hair properly,applying some perfume. Today was Jack's birthday and I had to attend it forcefully,but for now I was leaving for my normal hangout spot with my friends.

There was another call from Hunter,which I ignored for the 23rd time now,and there was no text from Rose,no snaps from her either. I just hope that she is fine,and she is taking her medications properly. I sighed,and took my car keys and descended the stairs while my phone rang again and it was Hunter.

I received the call and connected my AirPods.

Rose's POV
After speaking with Eran for a minute,he disconnected the call as I rolled my eyes and sat up straight. I slept real late last night,but now thanks to yesterday,my eyes are so swollen that I can hardly open them,with my head bursting with a splitting headache. Like everything bloody HAS to happen with me at the same time.

But whatever Eran is the sweetest

I checked my phone for any further notifications,but my inbox was just as empty as my life. I gave off a slight laughter,watching Taylor Swift's funny Instagram story about her cat,Olivia. I wish I had a cat like her as well,I would post about it all day! I walked to the kitchen as my phone rang receiving a FaceTime call from Ryan.

I placed the phone on the side of the kitchen counter and received the call watching him munching on the tasty chicken fry. "And that's why you decided to call me? You would get a food poisoning after eating that" I cursed as he rolled his eyes. "You just woke up,I'm guessing by the looks of your hoodie and your shorts" he replied as I nodded and applied the jam on my bread.

Rose: "Smart"
Ryan: "What's up with your eyes? They look more disgusting then they normally do"
Rose: "Thanks and nothing"
Ryan: "what happened with Eran?"

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