8. 𝕶𝖎𝖘𝖆

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8 - One last time ᴀ

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8 - One last time ᴀ. ɢʀᴀɴᴅᴇ

You were at the store on a Sunday afternoon picking up some snacks. After some time of you walking around, you see a familiar face.

"Hey Tohru." You said going up to the said girl. She was with Yuki about to walk out the store.

"Hi y/n! How are you?" Tohru asked

"Good, you?"

"I'm good! We were just heading out but do you want to come with us?" The girl asked.

"Sure why not." You said giving the two a small smile. The walk there consist of Tohru and Yuki in the front talking and you behind them on your phone, looking up every so often to make sure there still their. 

"oh hey Haru!" You look up to see Hatsuharu in front of you three holding a small tiger. You didn't even realize it was raining till Tohru said something. 

"We should head home. We wouldn't want to get sick."

The teens and tiger made it to the house. Walking in, You all take your shoes of then sit down at the table.

"What took-y/n.." Kyo said looking around with a small blush on his face. 

"I'm here to." Haru said causing Kyo's to frown. Kyo rolled his eyes taking a seat next to you as Tohru put drinks down for everyone.

"So who is that?" You ask pointing to the tiger in Haru's hand.

"Kisa. She ran away from home. I've been looking for her but never expected to find her in tiger form. I guess she got tired." 

"Why did she run away?" Tohru asked. It looked like she was on the verge of tears.

You ran away once too. It was only for three days and your mom could care less. You came home because realized how stupid it was. Even if your mom didn't care, other people knew others would. 

"Apparently she is getting bullied at school and didn't tell anyone." You could tell that Haru was frustrated with her not speaking up.

"If that is the case, it wouldn't be that easy to talk about. We don't know exactly what they were saying or doing. She might not want to re-love it again by talking about it." You say fidiling with your hands. You look you to see them all staring at you.

"But I don't know for sure so that might not be true...sorry." Catching your breath from your ramble you put your head back down and let to others talk.

"Thanks for having me but ill be on my way now." You put your shoes on making your way back home. You found out a new member of the zodiac today but that's about it since they cant talk.

The way back home was nice and peaceful. The stress you've hap for the past week has been crazy on your shoulders, so getting out was nice and relaxing. 

Finally making it home, you go up stairs, take a shower, and go to bed.

Moring came before you no. Today was a new week of school and work. Putting your school uniform on, you make it out the door with a breakfast bar in hand.

Running into Yuki, Tohru, And Kyo like usual; you talk with them till the bell rings.

"I heard we get our grades back from are test." Tohru says grinning. 

You freeze remembering all your mom said.


Taking a seat at you desk anxious for your grade. 

"Today we will be going over Fridays lesson but first, you guys will be getting your test back." The teacher starts going calling names.  Everyone being called one by one. One name after another, until ...


You get up going to the teacher garbing your paper. Making your way back to you seat, you flip over to paper to see you score.


a/n: cliffhanger 

anyway thank you guy sm for waiting your the next chapter. I have a lot with school and my other books (check them out ;) ) This is unedited if theirs any mistakes. THANK YOU GUYS SM FOR 1K READS<3

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