I don't want to be king

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Man, games don't make sense at all. There could be a dragon terrorizing the entire world or a demon king ruling an army to destroy a kingdom. Even though they are extremely feared, there will be a single side boss in a random cave with 20+ levels higher than them.

Sk***m has a frost giant that is level 90, making everything else in the game look like child's play. Don't even get me started on world bosses considering that they take an entire server of players to take it out even though the big bad 'demon king' is 100x weaker.

I've been reminded of that today as I am a 12-year-old half-demon with power that could rival some of the most powerful people in the world. I'm Ogaxoth, by the way. I know it's a weird-ass name, but demons have a different naming sense.

Obviously, a 12-year-old kid shouldn't know all of these things as I used to be human. It was strange considering that my entire mentality changed when I became this....thing that I am today. I look fairly human if you didn't look at the horns protruding out of my head, the red slitted eyes, the razor-sharp teeth, and the tail that hangs behind me.

I really wished I had some wings to fly. I already know how to fly with magic, but having wings would be so much cooler. Speaking of magic, demon magic mostly consists of fire, fire, and more fire. Black flames, breathing fire, fire cloaks, etc. I was really looking forward to learning different types of magic so that life becomes a little easier.

Magic in this world goes by rank. With every rank comes an exponential increase in power. I can use up to rank 8 magic, which is fairly strong by this world's standards if I do say so myself.

Rank 1 magic is your basic everyday water bullet or mini fireball. Rank 2 is a lot stronger than rank 1 as this is when you get into large fireballs and AOE spells. Rank 3 is usually the highest level most beings can achieve. Humans at this level are considered experts. Rank 4 and above are considered hero class as it is almost impossible to go from 3 to 4 without having the blood of heroes or demon kings.

The highest recorded rank used was 7 when it was used to defeat the first demon king. The spell annihilated the entire middle region, so nobody lives there anymore as the first war scars it.

I have a couple of 'problems' though, I'm not very outgoing, and I don't like being the center of attention. Even though I could probably defeat the current demon king, ruling an entire kingdom would be so tiring. The stress that probably comes along with it is something that I don't want to experience either.

I try to stay 'in the shadows,' as one might say because it would suck if I had to beat down the heroes that keep challenging our king constantly. I don't look like the type that would be stronger than everyone. All four of the demon generals are jacked beyond belief. I think one of them has muscles on their muscles.

Even if I used to be human, the heroes are annoying as shit. I thought that if they were killed, they wouldn't come back as they were dead, but nooo. They just get resurrected with a fee by the church every year. Humans in this world are piles of shit. They discriminate against everyone that isn't human. They'll even kill half-humans if given the chance as it is seen as 'impure' or some shit.

I don't remember anything about who I was as a person or my old name. I probably died with the cliche, truck death, but I don't know. The only things I remember are bits and pieces about the world I used to live in and that I became a monster.

The world is divided into three groups—the demi-humans, which are elves, beast-men, dwarves, angels, etc. There are the humans who are...humans. Then there are the 'monster' races, which are demons, undead, vampires, ghouls, trolls, etc., that are all considered evil by this world. The monsters live in the south region, the humans in the north, the beast-men on the left, and the other demi-humans on the right.

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