14. 𝕳𝖎 𝕬𝖌𝖆𝖎𝖓

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14 - Bad decisions  ᴀ

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14 - Bad decisions ᴀ. ɢʀᴀɴᴅᴇ

The couple's lips fit like a puzzle. Moving in sync. Your hand we're on the back of Kyo's head tangled in his hair as his we're on your face. His tongue moving around every corner of your mouth as you let out soft moans into the kiss. 

You soon switch positions so that your boyfriend is on top of you, his hands interlocked with yours. Kyo then started to kiss down your neck. Sucking on it, being sure to leave a mark. Both of your faces were a bright red.

You never thought in a million years you would be making out with your crush on his bed. Now boyfriend. The two of you have been dating for about two months now. Things have been going great. Kyo opens up to you about his feelings. Sometimes.

"Kyo, Y/n! Dinner is ready." Tohru called from down stairs. Kyo pulled away from your body still hovering over you. You give him a quick kiss before getting off the bed.

"Lets go, I'm hungry." You start to walk out the door when you hear Kyo call your name. You turn around to see him tossing a hoodie to you. You put the hoodie on and make your way down stairs with Kyo right behind you.

When you get down the stairs you sit down at the table, Kyo right next to you.

"So you guys are going to master Kazuma's tomorrow right?" Tohru asked.

Kyo nods saying yes to Tohru.

"I can't believe it's almost summer." You say taking a bite of food. You didn't even have a swim suit yet. This summer would definitely be different than all the other years. New people in your life and the toxic ones are out.

"I know! But I'm so excited for it!" Tohru agrees with you

"Come on y/n. keep on looking around and i'll leave you behind."

"Pft. No you won't- hey! wait for me!" You ran up to Kyo who was way ahead of you. The two of you were going to Kazuma's house to visit.

"Don't expect a lot. Probably just going to eat lunch. You might even get bored." Kyo said with his hands in his pockets.

"That's not boring. I like food!." You ran in front of your boyfriend with a big smile on your face. He stopped walking and looked down at you. He smiled at your happy face, loving every second with you.

Eventually you made it to Kazuma's house.

"Master!" Kyo called out as you two entered. "Were here."

"Kyo, i think somethings burning..." Kyo looked at you then garbed your hand and started running to find the smoke.

"Master what are you burning now?!" Kyo runs up to the stove to see burnt fish laying there. His master had a book in his hand not faced by the burning food. "Sorry about that. Shigure's book is amazing" Was all he said showing the two teens his book.

We all took a seat in after the food incident ...

"First time seeing each other in so long and I've caused some trouble." Kazuma says.

"No, no, no. It's fine." You said while giving a shicky smile.

"Hm. What shall we do now? I ruined lunch completely."

"Oh! I can cook something!" You put your hand in the air with your brilliant idea.

"No Your the guest here and you can't cook-"

"That's a great idea." Kazuma ignored Kyo completely and agreed with your idea.

You got up and headed to the kitchen leavening the two males to talk.

"So I see you are getting along." Kazuma says with a small smile.

"What do you mean?" Kazuma points to you. Your neck specifically and the mark Kyo left.

Kyo gets quiet, blushing slightly. "Yea I guess." He looks down at the table then back at you.

Mean while you were trying to make curry. Key word trying. You can't cook considering you made hot chocolate explode. Twice.

You started to make the food. It is going pretty smoothly so far. Kyo comes into the kitchen to supervise you and make sure you don't die.

"Hi!" You greeted the boy you just saw 5minutes ago.

"Hi." Kyo greeted you back with a smile, unaware of the adults watching them.

The couple continued to cook and talk about nothing in particular. They get interrupted by Kazuma having to leave.

"You're leaving? Why?" Kyo asked.

"Yea, Sorry. It's very last minute but there is someone I need to see." With that he left leaving a confused Kyo.

"Hey, he said he'll be back." 

"I know."

You walk towards the curry on the stove. "Let's eat!"

"No I don't like going to the beach or pool."

"Really? I have a love hate relationship with 'em. I almost drowned a couple of times so..."


Before you could answer your concerned boyfriend, Kazuma came into the room.

"You're back." You smiled.

"Did you run into any trouble?" Kyo asked walking up to the man.

"A little. Yea. I had to listen to some not nice words." He puts his hand on Kyo's head looking at the boy.

It was night time now and you were back home. You were with Kyo in the kitchen making some soba.

"Maybe soy sauce will do?" Kyo asked, turning towards you.

"Yuck!" You make a disgusted face shaking your head no.

"Do you not like Soy Sauce?" Kyo walked over to you.

"Nope and there is a reason! Once my mom had fried rice and it looked really good but she didn't share any with me, so I got white rice and put almost the whole bottle of soy sauce on it thinking it would make fried rice. It was only a year ago I learned that's not how it works." You let out a sigh remembering your stupidity.


This chapter was so fun to write. The beginning was SpIcY lol. The stories was actually true. I made hot chocolate explode and my hatred for soy sauce.

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