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Peter's pov
Peter had just wanted to stop a mugging before he went over Ned's but the dude just had to stab him. In the stomach at that!

'I'll just text Ned and tell him' he thought to himself.

Ned I dont thunk i cant make it
Im knda bledig out
But ima patch mysf up
And thn we cn fix the spidy suit

Uhm what?

Ned yu kno wt im taking ab
Frendy neiborhod Peter-Man
Dangit i ment Spider-Man


Wym 'No.'

This isn't ned sorry 'Peter-Man'

Well now you know my secret

Guess I do seems like
you got patched up

Ye, it took a min but I'm used to it
But now you have to tell me who you are


O me Thor
U kno me language!

Ig so

But ur old?

If you consider 26 old then ig so

Wait Ms Mr Mrs or Mx?


Oh my Thor I am so sorry for calling you old ma'am you are nowhere near old

Ms. Goddess
Uh, thanks?
Would you have said something different if I were a guy?

Yes because women are queens,
Goddesses to be worshipped
And if you were a dude I would simply tell you to perish

Thx Peter-Man
But I g2g my friend won't leave me alone

Ok, bai Ms. Goddess! :)
Natasha's pov
"Clint get out of the vents!" I scream suddenly and hear a muffled scream and a crash.

I walk into Tony's lab and scare him making him fall out of his chair.

"Damn it, Nat!" The scientist yelped.

"Hey, Tony I need you to track this number," I say as I put my phone on his cluttered workstation.

"Fine Jeez." He says grabbing his computer.

I watch him type for a few minutes and then he swipes up and all of Peter's information shows up as a hologram.

Peter Benjamin Parker

Birthdate: 8/10/05Age: 15Education: Midtown School of ScienceGuardian: Mary & Richard Parker (deceased) Ben Parker (Deceased) May Parker (???)

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Birthdate: 8/10/05
Age: 15
Education: Midtown School of Science
Guardian: Mary & Richard Parker (deceased) Ben Parker (Deceased) May Parker (???)

"Damn this kid has been through it," Tony says.

I just stare at the picture pick up my phone and walk away.

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