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After we climb down the fire escape we start walking. To where? You might ask.
I'm not really sure.

"Where we going?" I asked.

"Just to the store to get some things." She said vaguely.

"Are we there yet?" I follow impatiently.

"Yea it's actually right here." She says walking in.

As I follow behind her I notice that this place has everything.

Every food, toy, drink they even got sex toys in the back. I know right it's weird as fuck but I don't judge.

I just walk after Wanda like a lost puppy while she just grabs random things.

"Do you like pocky?" She questioned 5 boxes of it in her hands.

"I've never had it." I responded.

"What! Yea no I'm buying every flavor." Wanda says as she does exactly that.

She buys them with this really expensive looking card.


Maybe she's rich.

"Do you have and good food recommendations?" Wanda asked as we walked out of the store, handing me the bad full of pocky.

"Uh yea it's actually right down the street. It's called Delmars." He says taking the huge bag gracefully.

"Alright let's go then!" Wanda says gleefully as she starts to (quite literally) skip.


I end up chasing her down the street until we reached Delmars.

I order my usual for me and her and tell her she'll love it. And not even 5 minutes later we have the sandwiches and are walking out of the door.

"You wanna go to the park?" I ask her feeling a bit weak.

"Sure!" She says following my lead.


As we reach the park we see it empty. Yet full of life.

There are so many types of beautiful flowers that I just had to pick one out for Wanda.

'Huh who would've thought that I'd be a flower guy'

When I go to sit with Wanda on a bench she found I give her the flower I picked.

"This is so beautiful. What's it called?" She asked smelling it.

"It's a daisy. It represents love and loyalty." I say with a smile.

"Thank you." She says as she smiles back.


We had the best time today.

After we ate (which I desperately needed) we ate all of the different pocky and then went to watch the sunset. All while laughing and giggling like maniacs.

So walking her home feels terrible, knowing I'll have to say goodbye so soon.

As we reach a busy street she says I should head home and that it's just across the street and so I head all the way back to my alleyway right next to Stark Tower.

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