I. Pull the Strings

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When I was a little boy, I had a fear of spiders. I was told they felt no emotion, that their hearts never beat.

But I know the truth.

February 22, 2021 - 34.6937° N, 135.5023° E - Osaka, Japan


"Can you believe her? How dare she treat you that way?! She's the one that cheated on you but she has the guts to get mad!" Jungwon's best friend Haku exclaimed.

He seemed to be more concerned than Jungwon about the situation.

"Let it be." Jungwon said as he swirled his glass filled with crimson red wine.

The beverage matches the shade of his lips - possibly the color of the wine stuck to it because of how many drinks he's had.

Haku raised his eyebrows, pondering about Jungwon's words as he sat down on the bed opposite to the chair Jungwon was sitting on.

"Girls like her are meaningless to me. Disposable."

Haku raised his brows once more.

"You know, out of the 3 years we've been best friends, you still shock me."

Jungwon tilt his head, wondering why Haku is still not used to his attitude.

"You know me, people who've done me wrong will face the consequences. Surely you know that, after all...

you're on the receiving end."

Haku gulped, feeling confused and scared at the same time, but mostly scared.

"W-what do you m-mean Jungw-won?" he breath shakily.

Jungwon stared at his wine glass once more while he was swirling it. He had a smirk on his face - it looked pretty, but the situation doesn't.

"Actually Haku, it's the other way around." he said as he shifted his focus from the glass to Haku's eyes.

His eyes were sharp and deadly - it was as if the crimson stains on his lips transferred to his eyes.

"Jungwon what do you-"

"You know what I am like. You know better than anyone else. The question is, why'd you do it?" Jungwon asked as he smirked once more.

"D-did what? Jungwon I- I didn't do anything-"

"Your mouth says you didn't do anything. But your eyes Haku...your eyes tell a different story."

Haku got more and more scared as every second went by. He was shaking a lot - feared to death.

"And the audacity you have to get mad at her, as if you weren't the one she was cheating with."

Haku's eyes widened, surprised why and how Jungwon knows. He was sure he told everyone who knows to shut up. He was sure he threatened them if they were to say anything.

"Here's the difference between us Haku, you're just a boy and I'm much more than that."

"Jungwon I can explain-"

"You're a guy with secrets, I am too. But the difference is you are too stupid."

"You trust your eyes to easily Haku, to the point you don't know who you're really talking to."

Jungwon placed his glass on the bedside table and slowly stood up, approaching Haku in a harrowing manner.

"J-Jungwon I-I promise if you let me explain-"

"You think you can keep your secret from me, using your status as a popular kid in school as a leverage."


"Using your popularity to control others. Forcing them to shut up and not speak about what you've done."

"I-I swear I didn't- i-it was her fault!! She tempted me to-"

"You thought you're safe from me by hiding behind your puppets, but I pull the strings here Haku."

Jungwon was now standing in front of Haku. His eyes were now the shade of the crimson wine.

"Jungwon I-"


A bright red mixed with purple light emitted from the room they were in.

Before Haku got to finish his statement, he was already gone.

But there was no trace of him. No cries for help, no screams, nothing.

The only red thing in the room was Jungwon's wine and lips.

After much more silence, Jungwon finally spoke, speaking to himself, or at something rather.

"You have a pretty face Haku, its a shame that's all you are." he said as he picked up a black rose laying down on the bed.

When I was a little boy, I had a fear of spiders. I was told they felt no emotion, that their hearts never beat.

But I know the truth. At the moment of the kill,

They are never more alive.

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