V. The First Move

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"All right, I know it's only the first day, but you need to answer this diagnostic test. But to make things easier, you'll work with your seatmate. Since the test has 4 pages, you can divide the work - 2 pages per person - or you may answer everything together."

The chemistry teacher gave the papers to the students seated at the front row - which those students passed it to the back.

Jungwon received their papers and moved a bit closer to Niki.

"You want to divide the work or answer together?" he asked the younger.

"Hmmm, I think we'd get more correct answers if we work together." Niki replied

Jungwon nodded and they started answering the questions.

The questions were quite advanced for their level - most of the students did not know how to answer most of the questions. Which makes sense because the test's aim was to see how much they know about something not yet taught to them.

As Niki and Jungwon answered the test together - they slowly learned how to be a bit more comfortable talking to each other. They had learned to communicate well because they had no other choice than to work together.

As the class was working on the test, Minji was curious as to how Jungwon is doing. She looked forward to her left - where she could see Jungwon, Niki and Sunoo from afar.

"Hmm, I thought he wouldn't be the type to talk to someone, looks like he's doing just fine with Niki though." Minji thought to herself.


The last class of the day had just ended. Everyone was packing their bags - getting ready to go to their after school plans. Since it is only the first day of classes, classes were dismissed at 2:00 pm - giving students more time to relax and have fun before the actual classes with lessons  start.

"I'm going to register for the student body elections, but I'll catch up." Sunoo said while he was returning his pens inside his pencil case.

"Will you take long though?" Minji asked Sunoo.

"It'll be quick, I just have to write my name down."

"Alright. Come on Niki, the others might be waiting for us."

Minji dragged Niki with her, but Sunoo had to stop them.

"Actually, I need Niki to come with me." Sunoo said

"Why me?" Niki replied.

"Just come with me, I need your help."

"I thought you said you'll only write your name?"

"Just come with me."

Niki rolled his eyes and nodded, heading immediately to Sunoo.

"Well then, I'll be at the library waiting for you two so that we can go together. Minji said.

The two nodded as they parted ways with Minji - heading to the other direction of the hallway.

As Minji was walking at the hallway, she suddenly remembered Jungwon. She turned back and ran as fast as she could to the classroom, hoping that he was still there.

Luckily for her Jungwon was still there because of the students crowding him once more.

She watched from the classroom door as Jungwon was being asked several questions again. She laughed a little, seeing how cute Jungwon's facial expressions are when he is annoyed.

Although she must agree that he is handsome and charming, she does not feel any romantic interest for him though. Unlike the other students who are already asking him out, she just wants to get to know him as a person - as a friend. It's not because Jungwon isn't her type or she likes someone else, but because she looks for a spark - a deeper and more intimate connection than love at first sight.

Eventually, she decided to help the poor boy from being mobbed.

"Hi um excuse me." she said as she passed through the thick crowd.

"Jungwon, the faculty secretary is looking for you." she told him as she held her hand out.

Jungwon looked at Minji, chuckling a bit and appreciating her kind gesture. He held her hand - to which she responded by running, dragging him out of the crowd. Both of them had escaped the classroom filled with countless students.

As the two had gone far away from the classroom, they had reached the place where they would part ways. 

"Thank you for saving me, but I assume that the secretary didn't really call for me, did she?" Jungwon said with eyebrows raised.

"I- how'd you know?" Minji asked.

"I can tell by your facial expressions and the way you talked." Jungwon replied

"Are you some sort of psychology student?"

Jungwon smirked a bit at her question, amused by her shocked and confused expression.

"Nope. I'm just a people person."

Minji's thought of Jungwon being a weird freaky dude grew - but it isn't necessarily a bad thing. It simply meant that she is becoming more and more interested to befriend him.

"So uhh, you got plans?" Minji asked.

"I'm sorry, I don't want to be rude in any way, but as I told you earlier, I'm not interested in hanging out, at least not yet." Jungwon replied with a serious tone.

Minji acknowledged his words. She thought about how he felt. If she was him, she'd feel the same. Who wouldn't be awkward around people they just met?

"Ahh, I see. Well then, there are still 4 days where I am required to be with you. After that I'll leave you alone if that's what you wish. But, I'd make sure you'd want to be my friend." she said with all her confidence.

At first, Jungwon was shocked, but then he smiled, amused by her enthusiasm to befriend him.

"Anyways, I have to go now. It's nice to meet you Jungwon!" she said before leaving.

Jungwon stared at her as she ran the to the other direction - thinking about her enthusiastic commitment to befriending him.


After she had left Jungwon, Minji immediately went to the library, the place where she waited for Niki and Sunoo.

She quietly strolled throughout the library, looking for a nice book. One by one, she starts looking at the titles of each book on the shelf.

"'Programming for dummies' - NO."

"'History of Graphic Design' - ehhhh."

"'His Match PSH' - hmmm, I feel like I've seen this before. But where? Hmmm, I don't know, maybe on Wattpad."

She talked to herself as she was looking for a good read, she expected that it will take Niki and Sunoo a long time to arrive, so she might as well do a bit of reading while waiting.

"'The Naked Eye' - hmmm, this looks nice." Minji thought to herself.

She was intrigued by the title and the cover of the book, so she decided to give the book's blurb a look.

"'Take a closer look, because sometimes, the one you need is right in front of you.' "

Her eyes shifted from the book to the being in front of her.

She caught sight of a familiar face and a familiar coat on the other side of the book shelf, the person's eyes slowly making its way to connect with Minji's.

"Oh, hi there!" Heeseung said with his ever charming smile.

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