Chapter 1- The Return

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Lady Elizabeth 'Eliza' Greystone- A noble young lady who has graduated from her beloved finishing school and is re-entering society. She is proper and gracious with a strong side.

Prince Alexander 'Alex' of Lyle Hill- The heir to the throne of Lyle Hill. He's an accomplished horse rider and talented artist who falls for Eliza.

Lady Beatrice 'Bea' Morning- Eliza's best friend and fellow young lady. She has the most beautiful singing voice of all time.

Lord Edward 'Eddie' Greystone- Eliza's older brother and heir to the family name.

Lady Hannah Greystone- Eliza's older sister and apparent 'spinster' with no interest in marriage. She's jealous of Eliza.

Lady Rose Greystone- Eliza's younger sister, a sweet natured young woman entering womanhood.

Lord Jonathan Greystone- The family patriarch.

Lady Marianne Greystone- The family matriarch.

King Walter of Lyle Hill- The King, a stern but fair man who expects a lot from his son.

Queen Eleanor of Lyle Hill- The Queen, a warm and beloved consort.

Lord Gabriel Sutherland- A distant maternal relation to Alex and his best friend.

Countess Cecilia Browning- One likely future wife of Alex, from an old family.

Lady Lavinia Norcott- One likely future wife of Alex, from an old family.

Lady Alice Keller- One likely future wife of Alex, from an old family.

Lady Elizabeth Greystone let the waves crash against her bare feet.

She'd miss the beauty of this place, the solitude. The girls would run along the beach in summer and dip their toes in the water, shrieking with laughter. Some would do cartwheels on the sand, or at least attempt to. Miss. Phillips would have them do gentle exercises on the beach when it was warm- though nothing too strenuous for young ladies. Eliza didn't mind that too much.

Whitehead Finishing School for Young Ladies was her favourite place in the world.

Everyday had just been perfect. The curriculum was made for young ladies who would show both good breeding and an expanded mind. They'd read and discuss fine literature, perfect playing an instrument,   practice needlework, learn foreign languages, sew, know basic arithmetic and draw in the beautiful art room.

Oh, and dancing of course. Eliza loved to dance and was told she was more than fine at it. She always dreamt of doing it with a true love, just like in the books. Unfortunately, Eliza knew it would be a practical match as opposed to a love one.

Still, a girl could dream.

Eliza would miss it all- her friends, her education and the beautiful old house.

"You should be packing, dear."

Madam Hudson was the daughter of minor gentry and a widow who'd decided to open a school to help young ladies train for court and marriage. She was genteel, warm but steely. Madam Hudson loved the school and her girls. So many came back years later to tell them about their husbands and families. It made her smile- she'd not been gifted with children herself. They were all her daughters.

Eliza loved her second only to her own mother.

"I've finished, just saying goodbye to my favourite place. I cannot believe seven years are over- it feels like it was only a few moments ago that I arrived. It feels more of a home than home does," she sighed, "To think I will be a woman at court. I do so badly hope that I am good at it. It'd break my heart to embarrass you or mother or any of my family. A proper woman at court."

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