26. 𝕽𝖔𝖑𝖊𝖘

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26 - Obvious ᴀ

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26 - Obvious ᴀ. ɢʀᴀɴᴅᴇ

"We'll do Cinderella for our class play. Tomorrow we will be voting about the cast, so think it over. 'Kay, that's it for today guys."

Yuki walks away from the front of the classroom, heading towards his seat.

"Cinderella. So we get to bring an old fairytale to life. Fun!" Tohru says to the other girls including you. "Right guys?"

She looks Over to see Hanijima and Uotani sighing. They look down in defeat not liking the idea of doing a fairy tale play.

"I like the idea!" You said with a big smile on your face. It was a perfect way to show off your acting, who knows maybe even get a main role.

"Ugh this is lame. I was hoping for a Historical play. Like Mito Komoan. But seriously, Cinderella?! We're not in elementary school. Come on!" Uotani goes on a rant about how bad she thinks the idea is.

"Well picking the roles should be fun!" Tohru smiled.

"We all know who's going to be the prince."

"Actually." Yuki walked up to the girls. "I'm not taking any of the big roles. Too much going on."

The door to their classroom opens as Kakeru walks in. "There you are Yuki, y/n. We have a meeting. You two don't want to be late.

You two walk out of the classroom heading to your student council meeting

"Now to announce the cast;

Godmother: Yuki Sohma

Step sister: Tohru Honda

Step mother: Minami Kinoshita

Cinderella: y/n l/n

Prince: Kyo Sohma."

"Why am I doing this!" Kyo shouted filled with rage. "I am not doing this!"

"Yes you are. Do you not remember you agreed?!"

Flash back;

"So who should be Prince Charming?" One of your classmates asked.

"Yuki!" Half your class yelled. The boy was in the front of the class, keeping things smooth.


"NO! I know the perfect people to play Charming and Cinderella!" A girl shouted, cutting Yuki off. The whole class stopped talking and turned to her. Including you and Kyo. They all sat in silence waiting for her to talk.

"Y/n and Kyo! Think about it, they're perfect for the role l. The chemistry would already be there 'cause they're dating!" She said with a proud smile on her face.

The class turned to you and your boyfriend who currently had his arms around your wait for behind and head on your shoulder.

"Oh my gosh yes!"

"They'd be so cute!"

"I want to be Charming if y/n's Cinderella!"


Flash back over;

"I still never agreed! Think about it for a second, why would I play one of the lead roles?!"

"You should be happy, y/n is Cinderella!"

"Yea you're so lucky!"

"Shut up! You're all screwing with me!"

"Y/n, do something. Calm him down." Uotani says to you annoyed by Kyo's yelling.

"Please. He's causing a headache." Hanijima says not taking her eyes off Uotani's hair.

You walk over to your fuming boyfriend. "At least we can practice together..!" You tried to cheer him up.

"Tch. Whatever." He said pouting, his back facing you.

"Come on Kyo, it 'll be fun!"

"Then... you'll go to bed with no supper..."

"Don't cry!"

"Dear sister, I'm honored you'd shed a tear for me." You said. The script was- different. They had to rearrange it to help with the casting.

"You need to embrace the cruelty! You're to nice!" Minami shouted at Tohru. Tohru was having a hard time being mean to you. Saying such cruel things. Tohru was now crouched on the floor with tears in her eyes.

"Hey don't give up, you're trying." You tried to encourage her.

"Yes, and I'll try and try till I get it right! I'll go without dinner if I must!"

The teens around her sweat dropped. "Lets relax for now." Yuki told the girl.

"WAIT!" The 'director' of the play yelled. "If the cast doesn't fit the story, we can change the story to fit the cast."

"If you do that, maybe you could change the princes character. A little less...princely. It might be easier for Kyo and he might even show up to rehearsal..." You suggested.

"Oh, good point."

"Man, I wanted to see his acting skills. That'd be hilarious!" Uotani laughed.

"I have student council so I'll go get him." Yuki said, walking out of the gym. He made his way to the steps seeing Kyo sitting on them.

"Stop sulking and get to rehearsal. They're waiting for you." Yuki crossed his arms looking at the ground.

"I'm not sulking. I don't even want to do the play." Kyo stands up walking towards Yuki. "You being there would piss me off, so why bother?"

"If you have a problem with me, be a big boy and deal with it. You're making it hard on them including y/n. You know how happy she was to do this play with you."

"Don't say a damn word about her! You know nothing! What the hell gives you the right to treat me like a child!? I struggle to keep my head above water while you just sail by!" Kyo yells at Yuki. He punches the closest thing to him that just so happened to be a window. The window breaks as Kyo cuts his hand. "Go to hell." Then he walks away.

He makes his way to the classroom, when he opens it he sees you sitting there by yourself. You were on your phone not noticing his presence.

"Y/n?" You turn your head at your name being called.

"Hey." He could hear the tiredness in your voice and how sluggish you got up. "Yuki said he went to get you but never came back."

"So you've just been sitting here alone? Where is everyone else?"

"They went home. We finished rehearsals for today. Oh! andddd" You go to your backpack getting out the new script. "They re-wrote the scripts, so it might be easier to play the prince. They re-wrote a whole bunch more parts, even mine. They made it so it fit the cast's personality better. Even though I'd nail it either way." You laughed at the last part. You looked down at his hand to see it was bleeding.

"Your hand-" Before you could finish Kyo pulled you into a hug.

"Fine. I'll be in the stupid play."

A/n: Like I said at the top; added more to last chapter

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