IX. Three Steps Ahead

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"What is the meaning of this?!" a shout came from the entrance of the cafeteria building.

Although the cafeteria was noisy because of the happenings inside, everyone was able to hear the person's scream for she was an important figure in the school. The woman wearing a white blouse with a black skirt and black blazer made her way to the center of the building - where Jungwon and the three bullies were.

The students who were crowding the scene made way for the woman as she walked, purse on her right hand and her tumbler on the left. Everyone became more and more silent as she approached - some students even fleeing from the scene once she arrived.

She was the principal of the High School department.

Minji was also part of the crowd. She wanted to save Jungwon by dragging him away, but instead she watched the event unfold.

"What is this?!" the woman said as she stood in the middle of the crowd - standing right in between Jungwon and the three boys.

She looked at Jungwon first, not being able to recognize him. It makes total sense that she doesn't know who he is, he is a new student after all.

She then looked at the three boys who she assumed to be the bad people. She then sighed after seeing their faces, annoyed to see them.

"Really? You three?! Again?!" she shout.

Everyone was quiet, but they were waiting for her to talk again.

"You three just came from my office yesterday after bullying that boy in the restroom, and now you're already bullying someone else?! Are you crazy??!"

"It's only TWO days into the school year! TWO DAYS!! And you already prey on students like how you did last year?!"

The boy who first bullied Jungwon a.k.a. the girl's boyfriend pushed the inside of his cheeks with his tongue and rolled his eyes, annoyed by the sermon he was receiving.

"You're athletes that represent our school?! With that attitude??" the principal said with much frustration.

She scoffed, rolling her eyes out of anger.

"You know what, I don't even need to talk to you again. I'm sure you know what consequences you'll get for harassing not one, but TWO students. You're out of the varsity team!!" she screamed - her blood boiling.

"You can't do that-"


The boy wanted to continue talking in order to save his athlete career, but he held his words back. Oh how dumb it was for him to act so aggressively. Meanwhile his girlfriend who was in the crowd was ashamed, how dumb of her too to start this mess.

The principal had enough of this. She just left the scene, taking her business elsewhere. She just wanted to take her lunch break, but her energy was drained and her appetite was lost because of those rascals. Though surely, she would be back for them sooner or later.

As soon as the authority has left, everyone who was watching also started leaving. Little by little, the crowd became smaller and the number of people who were looking at the bullies and Jungwon became fewer.

On the other hand, Jungwon just laughed, seeing his bullies' reactions to their punishment was the funniest thing he has seen today.

Meanwhile, Minji was glad Jungwon was okay. He was not scolded nor was he hurt. But she noticed something. Despite the words of the principal, Minji saw that the bully was about to punch Jungwon. Minji could tell by the way she saw him clench his fist.

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