X. Weird

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"My my, Yang Jungwon? THE Yang Jungwon, hanging out with people? Well isn't that a lovely surprise!" Sunoo greeted him.

Jungwon just smiled in a fake way, slightly annoyed because of Sunoo's teasing.

"What are you doing here mister? Here to make friends?" Sunoo teased.

"Well I certainly didn't come for nothing." Jungwon smiled back.

As Jungwon looked around, he noticed that there are new faces around him. He thought that it would only be Sunoo and Niki who Minji hangs out with, he was wrong.

"Hello! I'm Jake!" he decided to introduce himself first. He extended his hand out to Jungwon for a handshake.

Jake is very fond of meeting new people, having new friends always brings him much joy.

"Jungwon." he replied with a smile.

As both of them were having their exchange of greetings, Jake noticed Jungwon's necklace - one with a small black rose pendant. Judging from the intricacy and slight shimmer the pendant has, Jake assumed it to be quite expensive.

"That's a nice necklace, you must be really into fashion!" Jake mentioned.

"Oh, uh thank you. Your jacket is nice too." Jungwon replied. He tried his best to keep the conversation going by giving Jake a compliment as well.

Jake smiled at Jungwon, before inviting the younger to sit beside him. Jungwon humbly accepted the invitation, sitting right along with the group of friends.

After some time, Sunghoon and Jay introduced themselves as well. Little by little, Jungwon got to know them more and they got to know Jungwon more as well. The food they shared with Jungwon also added to their bonding interactions.

He grew fond of them as much as they grew fond of him.

From the perspectives of the others, they saw Jungwon as an interesting kid. When Jungwon mentioned his interests, the others had more reasons to connect with him - they realized they had a lot of things in common with Jungwon.

He is thrilled about the situation. Unlike the times where numerous numbers of students would bombard him with questions and invitations, this group of students were more to his liking. He could tell that they actually wanted to be his friend and get closer with him, unlike others who would surround him just because he is handsome.

Because of that, Jungwon was able to get more comfortable. He was actually quite talkative - showing a personality of himself that people don't see much. He turned out to be quite a talkative person - which was a shock for his classmates Minji, Sunoo and Niki. 

But despite his talkativeness, he was also classy. He still had that elegant aura Minji was talking about when she said was intrigued by him.

As time passes by, they just keep on talking and talking and talking - their friendship growing and growing. Everyone was having a good time.

Except for one who didn't seem as thrilled as the others.

"What's wrong hyung?" Sunoo asked Heeseung.

"Nothing." The older replied as he kept looking at Jungwon.

Although they all sit at one table, Heeseung and Sunoo were at the edge of one side - meaning that only the two of them can hear their conversation.

Heeseung thinks Jungwon is a nice guy - he thinks that Jungwon is actually a really fun person to be with - which is the exact same reason he is somewhat sad.

He thinks that Jungwon may be one obstacle in his plans to win over Minji's heart.

Sunoo just stared at Heeseung. Even if his hyung doesn't want to say it, Sunoo can already tell what's in Heeseung's mind simply by watching the older stare at Jungwon.

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