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hi hello readers, it's me, Leb - the author of Yangdere. If you guys may have noticed, I haven't updated for quite some time - well, that's because I've been sick for the past few days. I'm starting to feel a bit better, although I'm not sure if I can update yet soon, bc I still need to catch up with school works i missed.

Anywaysss, I'll try my best to finish all my stuff asap (i hope i can, uni life is ://) so that I can continue the story :>>

As a little token for my absence, I'm gonna show you a spoiler of what's to come. Enjoy!!



"I'm telling you! It's not real! I-It's- HE'S NOT REAL!!"

"This....this doesn't make sense..."

"Are you joking with us right now?"

"What- no! I'm serious! I swear I'm not going crazy!"

"It's getting kind of weird..."

"Jay, the three of us keep seeing him at school. You're not really making any sense right now...

"Wait! Let me finish speaking-"

"Just check again. Maybe you mixed up the numbers of the house address-"

"B-but I-

"Yeah, what Jake said. Also, are you sure you don't have fever? You're acting very weirdly-"

"LISTEN TO ME!!!! It's not real!!! The house...the street...the whole village! It's not real!!! The location doesn't exist! Neither does he!"

"Jay I-"

"He has no trace!! No hospital records! No birth certificate! No government profile!"

"He.....he doesn't exist..."


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