XI. A Past in the Present

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It's been a few days since Jungwon met Minji's friends for the first time. At first he would hesitate if he should hang out with them again, but Minji and Sunoo always dragged him along - telling him that he is more than welcome to join the group of friends.

The six boys along with Minji were the first group of people who have ever talked to Jungwon. Often times, Jungwon would push away - sometimes literally- a lot of students when they tried to talk to him. It's because he can tell what their motive is. He has that instinct which has never become wrong.


"Note that sin(DOC) = sin(AOB) = 1/2, OD = 18 + y and OC = 16 + x and substitute in the above to obtain the first equation in x and y -  1152 = (18 + y)(16 + x). We now use the theorem of the intersecting lines outside a circle to write a second equation in x and y 16 × (16 + x) = 14 × (14 + y) Solve the two equations simultaneously to obtain x = 20 and y = 14. Any questions?"

"What the hell did she just say...." Niki stared at the whiteboard lifelessly.

"So she just- and then- wait where did those numbers come from- I-" he added as he plopped his head on the table.

"Just remember the equation and substitute them with the given numbers, it's not that hard." Jungwon told the younger.

"This is why when I get to college, I'm taking a course that has NO math in it..." Niki responded.

"Every course takes General Mathematics, you can't escape it."


"Mr. Nishimura if you're going to scream like that I suggest you do it in the hallways, outside my class." the math teacher scolded him.

"I'm sorry ma'am, won't happen again." he said as he did the lip zipping gesture.

The teacher sighed before she turned her attention back to Minji.

"Thank you Minji for explaining that problem."

Minji bowed to the teacher and then looking at Niki and laughing at him as she returned to her seat.

"That will be it for today. But I do have a few announcements from the principal." the teacher spoke.

"Oh no, Jungwon hyung, do you think this is about that thing you told us about? You know, when those bullies harassed you?"

"Please, why would I need to be called? I didn't do anything to them."

"Okay, firstly now that it's Friday -  on behalf of the entire faculty we would like congratulate you for making it through the first week of class. May you all push through the entire year with success. And secondly, all students must leave the campus by 4:30 - there will be a disinfecting procedure throughout all the buildings, so everyone must leave immediately. That's all, see you next week."


Minji closed the door of her locker after fixing her things. She found it much convenient to leave all the books and notebooks she doesn't need over the weekend at school so that she wouldn't carry a heavy bag going home.

She spotted Jugwon at his locker across the hallway - she hurriedly walked over to him before he could leave.

"Hey Jungwon!" she greeted him.


"So, Sunoo, Niki and I were thinking of staying at a café somewhere to celebrate the end of the first week of class. Want to join us?"

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