XV. Connections

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Jungwon and Jake have been at the library for quite some time now - probably around 2 hours. They've been gathering all the information they can about ancient writing. A lot of books were near where they sat - piled from biggest to smallest. Google chrome on Jake's laptop was also filled with tabs - he kept searching for anything related to what Jungwon was looking for, from ancient Egyptian writing to Greek.

They looked like they were preparing for college entrance exams because of how hectic everything looks.

Indeed they were doing a lot of things - to the point where Jake got really sleepy from searching and searching on the web.

"Hyung." Jungwon tapped Jake's shoulder to keep him awake. In addition to that, Jungwon handed Jake a can of coffee he got from the vending machine nearby.

"Hmm? Oh...thank you." Jake said in his sleepy voice

All this searching must have been really boring Jungwon thought. They've been looking for hours, but he hasn't seen any symbol that looked exactly like the ones in the scroll.

"If you're seeing Sunghoon hyung, then why did Sunghoon hyung seem to like Minji?" Jungwon asked - hoping to keep Jake awake by changing the atmosphere.

"Oh- who told you that?" Jake asked.

"Jay hyung told me when we were chatting the other day. He told me that when you guys first met, Sunghoon hyung seemed to have interest in Minji."

"Ahh. Well, don't tell Sunghoon I told you but, he doesn't really like Minji in that way. He was just trying to be really close with her so that she can write something good about him."

"Really? Then why'd you act like you were supporting him in asking Minji out? Jay hyung told me that's what happened."

"Ahh that, I don't know it's become an instinct for both of us to act like we aren't together if we're near other people. If we acted like we were just friends, then the chances that people would find out about us would be lesser right?"

"Ahhh, but do you not trust Jay hyung and the others?"

"I do! But- I don't know, it's hard to explain. Sunghoon and I want to tell them, but not yet. We'll get there when we get there."

"It's okay hyung, you guys will be okay eventually." Jungwon pat Jake's back lightly.

Jake was a bit surprised. For someone who acts mature most of the time and doesn't show a lot of feelings, it was surprising to hear Jungwon say and do something like that.

"By the way, what did you mean Sunghoon hyung wanted Minji to write something about him?"

"Ahh, you don't know? Minji's a journalist for the school paper and she often writes about sports related stuff - so you know, he wants her to write something nice for his feature in the school papers."

Jungwon nodded, he never knew that she was a writer. In fact, when he thinks about it, he doesn't know a lot about Minji - or any of the other boys. He just knows what they like and what they have in common, but he barely knows anything about what goes in their lives.

"Okay let's get back to work, we're not going to finish if we keep talking about Sunghoon and I." Jake said - shaking his head and slapping his face lightly to stay awake.


"Are you sure? This looks like something you would enjoy more than I will." Niki asked.

"It's yours. After all, we haven't went home to Japan in such a long time, so I figured that you should go to the Japan convention." his mother told him.

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