The Cloud Fortress (part 2)

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As the people around them scattered, Ferry saw Thyme greeting the warrior elf with a short, firm forearm shake. Ragh was the only one except for Thyme who had stayed with him.

"Prince Garrett, this is Leomh, the Second Commander of our army," Thyme said in a solemn manner.

Leomh's piercing eyes studied Ferry from head to toe. "Your Majesty," he said shortly with a brief nod.

"Lord Stephan?" Thyme asked.

"Unfortunately, he couldn't join us," Leomh said. "He has one of those periods," he added, in Elvian, this time. "I'm worried, Thyme. They are becoming more and more frequent. "

Thyme gave him a meaningful look. "We will talk about this later. Now let's go. "

"Prince Garrett, we have the chambers prepared for you," said the warrior-elf, again in human language. "Follow me," he added, leading the way towards the great castle in front of them that rose to the clouds.

Ferry hesitated. He took a look back. He didn't recognize any of the faces around him. But most of all, he couldn't see Matilda anymore. And that made his heart tighten again.

They all set off for the castle dug into the rock of the mountain, escorted by a suite of ten warrior elves. They all wore silver armor. Their wrists were also protected by armor which extended to their elbows, adorned with strange symbols carved in the noble metal. But most of all, Ferry was impressed by the weapons the elves carried. Daggers, swords, or bows made of the same precious metal that shone at their waist or on their shoulders. The suite of warriors walked cadent, their footsteps echoing on the cobbled alleys leading to the castle.

In front of the wooden gates, Leomh stopped and knocked several times at a certain pace. The heavy gates opened slowly, and Ferry felt his heart pumping in his chest, at the acknowledgment of the fact that there was no way back.

As he passed the threshold of the castle he was greeted by a cold air that mixed the scents of rain, grass and another unfamiliar smell, similar to fir resin and cranberry tea.

The great hall they had entered was dark, but in the light of the blue torches flickering from the recesses dug in the rock wall, a spiral of stairs rose to the heights of the castle where the light was too fragile to reach.

Surrounded by the warrior guard led by Leomh, he began to climb the stone stairs. On either side of the winding stairs, there were doors dug into the mountain that led to the rooms of those who lived in the castle. Ferry had to climb more than half the stairs to reach his chamber, situated somewhere in the heart of the castle.

 Ferry had to climb more than half the stairs to reach his chamber, situated somewhere in the heart of the castle

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Leomh stopped in front of the room and, with a short greeting, said, "This is your chamber. Raghnall will help you settle in, now. "

Then, with a short bow of his head, he withdrew, accompanied by Thyme and the warrior guard. Two of them remained in front of his door.

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