Once upon a time...

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Thyme's dark eyes stared at him in wonder and Ferry could see a shadow of concern in his eyes. He helped him get up with the gestures of a parent or of an older brother. And Ferry could feel so much warmth coming from him, that threw himself on his chest and began to sob like a child.

 And Ferry could feel so much warmth coming from him, that threw himself on his chest and began to sob like a child

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"I don't like it here, Thyme... I tried. I really tried... But I don't like it here at all ... "

Thyme's stiff body seemed to relax, but he did not hug his protected young man back. Instead, Ferry felt a slight pat on his shoulder. "There, there," he softly said. "Now tell me what upset you so much."

Ferry slowly stepped away and wiped away the tears with his dirty hands because of the many falls he had coming back from Lord Stephan's chambers. He didn't care he was getting his face dirty or that he cried like a child.

"You left me again," he shouted at Thyme. "You said you would never leave me again!"

Thyme frowned. "I had to, Garrett," he said in his harsh voice. "People in those villages needed our help. And it was too dangerous to take you with me. Besides, I left you in good hands. Nowhere else are you safer than here. "

Ferry bowed his head. Thyme was right. He fought with the enemy, risked his life to save others, and all he could do was wail and complain about the way he was treated. He had food and a place to sleep, and the people of the Fortress looked at him like a god. And all he did was complain and think that this place and this mission did not suit him.

"I'm sorry ..." he said softly, not daring to look Thyme in the eye.

Thyme put his hand lightly on his shoulder. "Now can you tell me what upset you so much?"

Ferry looked around. They were alone, somewhere near the farthest walls of the castle.

"He wanted me to kill a bird. A poor, innocent bird... I couldn't, Thyme. I just couldn't ... "

Thyme motioned for him to sit on a fallen log nearby. Then he took a seat next to him. Ferry was ashamed to look him in the eye again. He had probably learned how clumsy he was at training. What did Thyme think of him? He must have been such a disappointment for him.

"So Lord Stephan put you to the test... The big test. I didn't think he would do it so fast ... "

Ferry turned to him. "Did he do that to you?" he asked.

Thyme nodded slowly. "In my case, it was a rabbit."

"And you did it?"

Thyme did not answer but looked away. "You see, Garrett," he said at last, "we are not here to doubt Lord Stephan's methods. Because of him, this place exists. Because of, him you are still alive. And because of him, there is still hope that we can get rid of the curse that rules over Akna."

Ferry sighed. "Is there no other way than to hurt someone in order to save this land from the enemy?"

Thyme looked at him with eyes as dark as night. "When someone makes his presence felt through death, you can only answer him through death. You have no idea of ​​the horrors I and my people have seen. You have no idea of ​​the suffering the enemy is causing. This land is beginning to fall under its power without even realizing it. The most dangerous enemy is the one who lurks in the shadows. "

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