XXI. First to Fall

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TW// slight (??) violence


"Ahh." Sunghoon gestured Jake to open his mouth.

They were having their small date within the school campus. But why there you ask? Well, no one but athletes are in the school during weekends.

So they hide from their classmates by staying at school. Huh, ironic isn't it?

"Noooo~~~ I want the chocolate doughnut." Jake whined.

"No. That's mine. We get one each, and you already ate yours. Just have this glazed one."

"Nooooo~~~ I want the chocolatey one~~" he said with a frown that looked like :[

"But Jake-"

Their little quarrel got interrupted by something more important. A figure was in front of them, a figure who was panting and in a rush. It looks like their little date would have to wait for a while.

"You two *pant* Jay *pant* where *pant* is he*pant*"

Jungwon came as fast as he could. Waiting for the bus would take too long, and Jay's life is too important - so Jungwon ran from the Japan Convention to the school.

"We don't know exactly where, but he went that way with some girl, Katsumi is her name I think?" Sunghoon said as he pointed at the path toward the parking lot.

"Son of a...okay, thanks." Jungwon said as he left in a hurry.

"Should we...follow him?" Jake asked.

"I think Jungwon and Jay are having a thing. Best not to interrupt that." Sunghoon replied.

"Yeah yeah whatever, now give me my chocolate thing."



"What exactly is Jungwon's relationship to that girl?" Katsumi asked with curiosity. The two had been hanging out since lunch, talking about anything their mind thinks of.

"Which girl? You mean the one in our friend group?" Jay replied.

"Yes, that one."

"They're friends as far as I know. Why'd you ask?"

Jay was genuinely curious. A lot of people talk about Jungwon - occasionally, people would ask Jay about Jungwon so that they can ask for tips when they want to approach the cold boy. But no one has asked about the Jungwon and Minji situation.

"Are you...you know?" Jay added a question.

"Please use your words."

"Jungwon's ex?"

Katsumi chuckled at the statement - "what a silly assumption" she thought. If she had the chance years ago, Katsumi would have dated Jungwon. But since Jungwon grew hatred for her, she did the same for him.

"No. Why would you think that?" she said in disgust.

Jay was relieved. If she showed any interest in Jungwon, that would be a bad thing Jay thought. After all, the reason why Jay's with her is because he likes her.

"Uhhh, nothing. You just sounded like you were jealous."

"I wasn't jealous. I was worried for the girl."

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