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In which Kol was never killed by the Gilberts, and instead took a short trip to New Orleans, while his siblings ran after the cure. While there he had a little run in with Davina, the other three harvest girls were dead (they are all eighteen in this), and the two of them felt a spark, and so slept together. As a result she became pregnant, and the other three harvest girls' magic was siphoned by the baby, into it. Not knowing the little witch was carrying his child, Kol went back to Mystic Falls to help his brother and sister with Silas. 

When Davina discovered she was pregnant she hid it from Marcel by casting a strong glamor over her bump, when it appeared. And when she started to throw up dirt, and her magic went wild, it wasn't because of the harvest, she didn't need to complete it as her baby had absorbed the magic, it was the baby getting agitated she did not have her father near.

However, what they did not know, was the child was the reincarnation of a girl whom was obsessed with Vampire Diaries and both its spinoffs, in her past life. And she'll be damned if she lets her new family die. 

And it'll be easier with the fact the actual devil, Lucifer, favoured her. He was the one who chose to reincarnate her after all.

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