Chapter 1

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Opening my eyes, I was faced with a white expanse, nothing in every direction. What, am I going to spend my afterlife in this between? Or, am I just going to have to wait for whoever is in charge, to decide whether I am going to heaven or hell? 

If I am honest, I'll probably end up in hell. At least I can rule along side the devil, that will be fun. Though my thoughts were cut off by the sound of laughter. Turning around, I came face to face, with who looked like Tom Ellis, known among tv fans as Lucifer... Wait.

"Yes child, my name is Lucifer, and I am the devil." You could practically feel the amusement rolling off of him.

"Now, before you start fangirling, which I know you want to, I have a proposition I know you will like."

"Ok. I'm going to have to stop you right there. Is this going to be like those 'reborn into a universe of your choosing' kind of thing, I read on fanfiction once?" Don't blame me, this is just too freaky.

Giving me an annoyed look, he continued, "Yes. Now, as I was saying, you will be reborn into an alternate reality of The Vampire Diaries, more specifically, The Originals. You will be the daughter of Kol Mikaelson and Davina Claire. And before you question it, in this reality, Kol was never killed by the Gilberts, and instead took a short trip to New Orleans, while his siblings ran after the cure. While there he had a little run in with Davina, the other three harvest girls were dead (they are all eighteen), and the two of them felt a spark, and so slept together. As a result she became pregnant, thanks to me, and the other three harvest girls' magic was siphoned by the baby, you, into you. Not knowing he had a child, Kol went back to Mystic Falls to help his brother and sister with Silas."

"When Davina discovered she was pregnant she hid it from Marcel by casting a strong glamor over her bump, when it appeared. And when she started to throw up dirt, and her magic went wild, it wasn't because of the harvest, she didn't need to complete it as you had absorbed the magic, it was really you getting agitated she did not have your father near."

"It was after that, when Sophie tried to have her sacrificed that because her and Kol had gotten closer, the Mikaelson's had another witch perform a spell, to conferm Davina had to die. And that witch is the one that brought down the glamor, Davina used to cover her baby bump, and she was forced to come clean about you being Kol's. Of course he was angry she didn't tell him, but he understood as they did not know each other that well."

"You will be a vampire who doesn't burn in the sun. A werewolf who isn't beholden to the moon. Your a werewolf thanks to your Uncle Nik, just go with it. You will be a witch with power to best even Silas. The magic with be that of nature, siphoning and Silas' psychic abilities. You will, also, be a seer, and have the ability to see glimpses of the new timeline, though the main things with stay the same. You will be more powerful then Hope."

"So, what do you say? I will be on your side, as I favour you, and if you summon me, I will come to aid you."

That is a lot of information, but it would definitely be better then being stuck here for eternity, so "Why the hell not?"

And all I saw was black...

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