Chapter 3

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The trip back to the compound was incredibly boring, so of course I decided to have a chat with my very own personal therapist. Would not recommend him, he isn't very good. Anyway, our conversation went something like this:

Hey Luci?

What now irritating child?

Nothing. Just bored.


Don't you mean 'Siriusly?'

I am already regretting picking you for this.

But are you really?

I didn't get a reply so looked up when someone approached, and from the brunette hair and blood covered clothes, it was Kol, my new dad. Immediately, I let out an excited 'coo' and reached towards him, wanting to be held. The Homicidal Maniac let loose a laugh, moving forward to do just that, after a nod from mum of course.

Reaching my hands up to grab his face, I pulled a purely baby move and started to feel out the crevasses on his god-like face. My palms brushed over the light stubble on my dads chin causing a giggle to bubble its way out of my throat when it tickled. Kol's face broke out into a wide grin, his face alight with happiness at the fact I seemed to like him.

That's because you do.

Well I can't exactly say that, can I?

No need to be so sassy.

I watched Teen Wolf too much.




Pushing that strange occurrence to the back of my mind, I focused back on the conversion started by my dad when my uncle returned with Hope in his arms. "Well Nikky, looks like both of us have the title 'daddy' now."

Uncle Nik rolled his eyes in exasperation, glancing down at me with the same look of awe that he gave Hope earlier, causing me to squirm slightly, not used to it. Dad and Nik moved over to an extra-large crib by the fireplace and placed both Hope and I in it, before continuing their conversation. 

I rolled over to get a closer look at my new cousin and had to hold back the 'aww' threatening to escape. It was quite hard with how cute she was so I settled for grabbing her hand in my own chubby baby one. Though I didn't expect for Hope to squeeze it back and pull me closer to her. Therefore, I did the only think I could think of and rapped my arms around the young tribrid, who quickly copied, leaving us in a baby Mikaelson sandwich.

A sound from the edge of the crib drew our attention to our Uncle Elijah, watching as he reached down into the cage we have to sleep in. A soft smile stretched across his features when he picked my small body up and I happily returned the gesture with a grin filled with mischief. The Noble Original opened his mouth and introduced himself, "Hello young one, I am your Uncle Elijah."

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