Under Pressure

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Camilla's POV:

"Hey Cami, wake up." I groaned and snuggled further into Eddie's chest. He chuckled and continued to brush his hands through my hair. "Come on, mi amor. You gotta get Chris ready, then we gotta take him to school, and then we have to get to work."

"I don't want to. Can't me and Chris stay at home today?" I grumbled into his chest.

"No. As cute as that would be, it's a big day for all three of us. It's Christopher's first day at a new school, and our first day at our new work." He chuckled. At that, I jumped up.

"Shit! I forgot about that. Why didn't you start with that?!" I asked Eddie whilst rushing around our room grabbing clean clothes for the day.

"How did you forget about that? You've been going on about it for the past week!" He exclaimed.

"No idea. Anyway, I'll get ready, then get Chris up so you two can do your little morning routine. Whilst you guys are doing that, I'll make breakfast." When I mentioned food, his eyes lit up and his smile grew wider.

"Have I told you how much I love you lately?"

"You're just saying this because I said I'm gonna make food, aren't you?" He placed his hand over his heart with a fake hurt look on his face.

"Of course not. I love you so much. You have given me everything I could possibly ask for." He came over to me, put his hand on my cheek and kissed me softly on the lips.

When I pulled away, I gave him a small but sweet smile and went back to finding clothes, "As sweet as that moment was, I have to get ready and wake Chris up."

He nodded and let me get ready. (^^Outfit at the top.^^)

I clipped my last necklace around my neck, then went into Chris' room. I tiptoed over to his bed, and gently shook his shoulders. "Wake up Chris. Come on, it's time to get up now."

When he finally woke up, his grey, doe eyes met mine and there was instantly a smile on his face. "Hey bud. You gotta get up. Daddy's waiting to do your morning routine." As soon as I said that, he started giggling and tried to get out of bed. When he started struggling, I picked him up and spun him around a bit before placing him on my hip and walking back to mine and Eddie's room.

"Daddy!" Chris shouted excitedly when he saw Eddie on the bed.

"Hey, bud." Eddie replied just as excitedly.

"Okay, now that Chris is awake, I am going to let you two do your morning routine and I'll make breakfast. What do you want buddy?" I asked Christopher, setting him on the bed next to his dad.

"Can I have pancakes please, Mommy?" He asked sweetly.

"Of course you can mi ángel. You and Daddy get ready, by the time you're done your pancakes will be ready for you. Syrup, strawberries and raspberries like usual?" I asked.

He nodded with a huge smile on his face, "Yes please Mommy." I smiled back at him and made my way out of our room to go downstairs.

On my way down the stairs I heard Eddie shout, "Can I have the same please, mi amor?"

"Of course babe." I shouted back up to him. I chuckled to myself and started making the pancakes they both wanted.

Just like I promised, I had just finished dishing up their breakfast when Eddie came thundering downstairs with Chris attached to his hip. He sat Christopher down at the table and then sat opposite him. I grabbed a bowl of fruit and sat in between them both. "That's all you're having?" Eddie asked, concerned.

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