Help Is Not Coming

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Camilla's POV:

When I woke up, I groaned in pain, bringing my hand to my head. When I pulled it away, there was blood on it, but I would be fine, it wouldn't be a major injury.

"This is Captain Nash for Henrietta Wilson and Camilla Diaz." I heard coming from my radio.

"This is Camilla Diaz, responding." I managed to get out, putting the pain aside.

"Cami, are you okay?" Eddie asked.

"I'm good, honey. Possibly got a concussion, but other than that, I'm good." I told him.

"Cam, do you see Hen?" Cap asked.

"Give me a second to get up, Cap." I got up from in between the two cars and looked around. After a few moments, I spotted her. "Found her, Cap. She's okay. Probably the same as me, got off with only a concussion."

"Hey, Cam." Hen groaned as she came to."

"Hey, Hen." I replied, double checking I was right. "Hold still for just a moment." I checked if she was alright and then helped her stand up.

"Is your radio working?" Hen asked

"Yeah. I already told everyone you're safe. They're working as hard as possible to get us out. Don't worry. We will make it back home." I told her, knowing that was the thing she was worried about most.

"Yeah, I know. Have you checked to see if anyone's down here?" Hen asked.

"No." I replied sheepishly. "I came to, answered Bobby and found you. Didn't think to look for anyone else when I was focused on you."

"Hey! Anybody down here?!" Hen called out. A man groaned in pain and it didn't sound that far away. "Hey! Hello?" Hen called out again. The man groaned in pain again and this time Hen and I could tell he wasn't doing so good.

I helped Hen up, "Come on, Hen. Let's go find him." I started walking over to where I could hear the man and Hen followed me. When we found him, we noticed it was another firefighter. The only problem was that he was trapped under a pillar. Hen and I rushed over to him.

"221, right?" Hen asked him when she was next to him.

"Yeah. Russ." He grunted.

"Hen. 118."

"Camilla. 118." We introduced ourselves.

"Hey, Cap." I radioed in. "We got another firefighter under here. He's trapped under a pillar and I don't think he's got much longer." I started to whisper so only Cap and everyone else on the radio could hear.

"Who is it?" Cap asked.

"His name's Russ. He's from station 221." I answered.

"Okay, hang tight, Cami. We're trying to get you out."

"Will do, Cap." I then went back over to Hen and Russ. "Okay, so I've radioed our Captain and he says he's trying to get us out now. We just have to hang on. Can you do that, Russ?" Hen started to try and lift the pillar off him so I went over to help. It moved a little bit but not enough.

"Don't waste your strength or your time." Russ told us.

"None of that, Russ." Hen told him.

"Yeah, we're all getting out of here, all three of us." I continued, even though I knew it probably wasn't true.

"I'm not." Russ determined. "Fractured pelvis, flail chest. Even I couldn't save me, and you don't know me, but I'm good."

"Yeah?" I asked him softly, now knowing what his injuries were, that he was never gonna get out of here. Not alive anyway.

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