Dosed Part 2

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Camilla's POV:

"I hate her." I complained to Eddie when I was plating up dinner for all three of us.

"Just to be clear, you're talking about Taylor, right?" Eddie asked.

"Of course I'm talking about Taylor." I exclaimed. "Why wouldn't I be? She comes into our firehouse and takes over, trying to get an interview with me when I've told her multiple times that I won't do it."

"Fair enough."

"And," I continued, "she tried to cause trouble between us by thinking the bosses didn't know about us being married!"

"I get it, Cam, but you need to calm down." I was going to get angry at Eddie for a second, but then I realised that he's right. I do need to calm down. Chris came into the kitchen which put a massive smile on both mine and Eddie's faces. "Hey buddy." Eddie knelt down to Chris' height.

"Are you ready for dinner, sweetie?" I asked him.

"Yeah!" He replied very enthusiastically.

"Have you washed your hands, bud?" Eddie asked him.

"No." Chris looked down and whispered, "I can't do it. Please can you help me?" I looked at Eddie, silently asking him while I finished plating up dinner.

He nodded and stood up, "Okay then, little man, lets go wash our hands."

The next morning...

The next morning

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"Hey Bobby." I greeted him as Eddie and I got into work. "How are you?"

"I'm good, Cam." He smiled at me. "How are you?"

"I'm amazing, thanks." I answered, smiling back at him. "How's Athena?"

"She's really good. It's May's first homecoming so she's excited about that. I'll tell her you were asking after her. How's Christopher?"

"He's okay." I smiled, thinking about him. "He enjoys school, so that's good."

Bobby was about to reply when the alarm went off. We rushed off to go out.

3rd POV:

9-1-1 Dispatcher:
"9-1-1, what's your emergency?"

"Yeah, I'm calling from the Sand and Sweat Muscle Competition, down at Muscle Beach. One of our competitors just got stuck.

9-1-1 Dispatcher:
"What's he stuck in, ma'am?"

"A double bicep pose."

Cami's POV:

"LAFD. Clear a path." Bobby called to the onlookers at the scene. They immediately let us through.

"What the hell?" Taylor's cameraman exclaimed in shock.

"Keep filming." Taylor persisted. I refrained from rolling my eyes.

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