34 - 𝕿𝖊𝖆𝖗𝖘

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34 - Ghosting - ᴀ. ɢʀᴀɴᴅᴇ

"Tell me what's wrong

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"Tell me what's wrong." Kyo tells you, face serious.

"I-" You cut yourself of. "I'm sorry." You quickly backed off your boyfriend. Tears are already rolling down your face. You tried to leave the room but Kyo grabbed your hand, stopping you.

"Don't go, tell me what's wrong." He pleaded, looking into your eyes.

As he said that more hot tears streamed down your face. Tears you didn't even know you had in you.

He brings you into a hug, akwarly rubbing your back, telling you it was gonna be alright. Walking back to the bed he sits both of you down.

"It's my mom." You choke out.

His eyes grow wide. "What about her?" He cautiously asked.

"She's moving back to America and she wants me to come with her."

"...A-Are you?"

You look up at him slowly shaking your head signaling yes. "I have to. We just made things right, I can't leave her."

"y/n, You shouldn't have to make things right with your mother. You don't owe her anything. She chose to neglect you so why are you running back to her?" Kyo was visibly getting you set. He backs up from you now standing up.

"Kyo, you don't get it." You said slightly getting offended.

"What do I not get? How are you running back to the person who treated you like shit?!" He raises his voice, causing you to flinch.

"I love her. She's my mom." You argue back.

"Don't you love me too?"

"Of course I do, but-"

"Then why are you leaving me? Like everyone else. You promised to stick by my side yet at the first opportunity you're going to run off." Now you weren't the only one crying. The cold boy who shows no emotion is now crying because of you.

You remained silent not knowing what to say. You felt horrible for leaving but you had to.


Kyo storms out of the room without another word. He walks down stairs and straight out the door. The other three people heard the whole thing, now the aftermath.

Without a second thought Tohru rushes up the stairs to comfort you. SHe walks in the shared room to find you packing up your stuff.

The short girl hugs you without saying anything. You immediately break down in her arms. The sobs were not uncontorables, you were gasping for air thinking you just fucked your relationship.

"Why am I like this?" You cried into the girl's chest.

"No y/n. don't say that. you didn't do anything wrong."

Kyos pov:

The heavy rain falls on the red head, leaving him soaking.

"Great." He rolls his eyes.

His senses come back, the cold air nipping his skin, leaving him shivering. His head was filled with thoughts.

'Was I too harsh?'

'She's definitely gonna leave now.'

'Do I have to apologize?'

"Look at you stupid cat." A voice snaps him out of his thoughts.

Turning around, Yuki throws a jaket at him. The rat's face is unreadable.

Kyo looks at Yuki for a second then turns back around. He wasn't in the mood to argue, s waist of energy.

"Come home." Yuki told him.

No answer.

"Don't make me drag you."

No answer.

"I can't believe I'm saying this but, can you talk please?"

That shocked even Kyo. Even though Yuki hates Kyo, he still felt like he needed to check on him. Bro code ig?

Yuki takes a seat next to kyo. "If you love her as much as you say, don't let this be the last part of your relationship. Talk to her, don't yell."

"She isnt gonna wanna talk to me again." He finally spoke.

"Of course she will, she's your girlfriend."

"Is she?"

Now it was Yuki's turn to be shocked. "Are you a dumbass? Of course she's your girlfriend. Talk to her and work things out. You're sitting here pouting like a child instead of fixing this."


Dramaaaa, im getting back into writing. It's just harder since school started. I have a new book in the making, a Jungkook x reader. Best friends to lovers typa shit. I have most of it planned out but haven't wrote much yet. If i were to complete it would i get any reads?

Omg and suggest me good x reader stories

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