XXVII. Out of Thin Air

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As Jungwon had regained his consciousness, he immediately remembers that all that he will see is not real. His and Katsumi's real bodies are back in the real world - in the forest, while the body he sees right now is not real, but a projection of his consciousness within the astral plane.

As far as he knows, this is Katsumi's consciousness - meaning that everything here except him is controlled and made by Katsumi.

He must remember that there will be a lot of false things in this made-up world.

If he trusts just his eyes, he'll lose.

Jungwon looked around, he remembers the place he is at. This was the same place that he saw in his head when he went unconscious a few days ago. He stood up and did the same thing, roam around the apocalyptic place. The only difference between last time and now - is that there are no other people.

Last time, he recalled 2 people being chased by a monster, and several other people hiding. But now, it's just him. No people, no monsters - at least, not yet.

Jungwon noticed a red beacon of light and he immediately decided to follow it. Walking slow and steady, he took deep breaths to prepare for what threats he may face.

Soon enough, he saw the demonic girl standing on an elevated stage, standing in front of the red light - she was waiting for him.

"Yang Jungwon, you've finally met me - the real me." Katsumi spoke horrifically.

"The you now isn't different from before. You were always a monster and you still are." Jungwon replied.

Katsumi rolled her eyes as she slowly approached Jungwon. She scratched the cement of the nearly destroyed pillar as she went down the stairs. Her claws were sharp enough to leave a mark on hard solid rock.

Jungwon also slowly started walking towards her - so that both of them would meet in the middle. Jungwon remembered that he was in an imaginary place - a place where Katsumi can do and make whatever she wants. If she can do that, then he thought that he could do so too.

"Enough of the chit-chat, let's get to the point. I want something that you and only you have, so I'm here to make you a deal. You surrender yourself to me, and I don't kill you and your friends." Katsumi said with her sinister laugh.

"And what exactly is that something that I have?" Jungwon asked.

Katsumi slowly hastened her pace, approaching the boy with claws ready.

Meanwhile, Jungwon felt the energy in his arms flow stronger and stronger. He was correct - if Katsumi can create whatever she wants in this world with ease, then he should also be able to.

"Something that doesn't belong to you. And I'm here to take it back."

Katsumi leaped, her demonic form giving her jump a big boost. She extended her arms forward, her razor-sharp claws reaching for Jungwon. She smiled - thinking that she had already won - but to her surprise, the battle had only just begun.

Jungwon was able to create a red-colored shield out of nowhere- the shield is a shape of a rose. The shield blocked Katsumi's attack and the demon was knocked backward.

Katsumi growled, her eyes and teeth becoming sharper and scarier as she looked at the boy.

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