XXVIII. The End of The Beginning

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Jungwon's body back in the real world made small noises of discomfort. He groaned in his slumber.

Levi heard these noises and used them as a guide to get through the mist. He slowly walked while following the sound - until he eventually saw its source.

There he saw a boy's body on the ground. That body was Jungwon's, but Levi didn't know that because he doesn't know Jungwon. Levi listened to the small sounds Jungwon made - and based on that, he could tell that Jungwon was uneasy.

Levi could tell that Jungwon was experiencing a nightmare.

Levi then looked around again and saw the demonic creature on the floor. Its body was unconscious too. Levi took a deep breath in, gathering up his bravery to stay a bit longer.

If the monster were to wake up, he'd have to protect Jungwon's unconscious body. Levi held his butterfly knife tightly as he quietly observed and waited.


Back in Katsumi's astral realm, Jungwon is on his knees - screaming in pain and agony. He pulled his hair and threw a vexatious tantrum with hopes of getting out of Katsumi's spell, but it didn't work.

As he shouted in pain, tears flowed down his cheeks. With his green eyes wide open, he shouted even louder.

Katsumi had put a fear spell on Jungwon. Because Katsumi had the soul of two old gods in her body - one being Aarath, the god of fear - she could pull off doing magic as high level as this.

The other god inside her - Saauron, the god of will - also gave her incredibly powerful magic.

From charming the man who worked at the ice cream shop, to controlling the body of the middle-aged man at the Japanese convention, to bending Jay, Niki, and Sunoo's will - all these were possible because of Saauron.

Two gods made her one of the most powerful things to appear in this world - and the only thing she needed to reach her full capacity is Raaziel - the god of deception - the god trapped inside Jungwon.

Caught in the trance of fear, Jungwon saw images that horrified him. In his eyes, he saw nothing but pure madness and chaos.

He saw a lot of things - and most of them are extremely graphic. To sum it all up - Jungwon saw a vision of him being corrupted - wherein he turned evil and brought suffering to others.

And it wasn't just him making them tremble in fear - but him creating otherwordly creatures that did a lot of graphic things. To put it in simple words, he ruled a world where people of all ages worked as slaves - and those who dare oppose would be viciously eliminated by the said monsters.

The scenery that he can see is his greatest fear - him not being able to control his own body. The Jungwon in his vision was corrupted by the old gods - and they use Jungwon's body as a vessel. His consciousness is still there to see the horrifying acts his body does.

And if things aren't bad enough - Katsumi's spell involved the people dear to Jungwon - his friends.

In his vision, Jungwon could see his friends suffering and running for their lives. It was the last thing that Jungwon wanted. After finally settling into a new home, and finding people he can call his friends - seeing them suffer because of him gave Jungwon fear.

And Minji - she certainly did manage to get closer to him. Jungwon sees something in Minji. Something that he hasn't felt much in his life.

Like back in school wherein she guided him - or when she visited him because he stayed at home - Jungwon felt something new. He never had anyone care for him as much as she did.

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