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"Are you ready?" Sofia asked, concerned and anxious in her tone

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"Are you ready?" Sofia asked, concerned and anxious in her tone. Nodding my head. "No, but we're still going through with this no matter what," I whispered into the burner phone looking at the locked bathroom door.

"I'm scared what if we get caught." That is a very high possibility and there will be an extreme punishment for both of us more for Sofia than me due to the fact I'm caring the next heir of the Russian mafia, my baby.

I just found out that I'm gonna become a mother about a week ago and hid it from Nikolai. I went to a shady OBGYN and got confirmed that I am eight weeks pregnant. I paid her to be quiet. I didn't get checked by our doctor because he would have told Nikolai. My husband who's more like a stranger than a husband. Nikolai and I arranged to marry by our fathers since Nikolai needed a wife to be by his side to become Boss of the Russian Mafia. We've been married for only three months. Our marriage isn't made up of love or bond, it is made up of having to fake a smile every day, being a perfect wife, warming his bed even though he probably has mistresses. 

I knew since we got married that this is how it was gonna be and I so stupidly somehow still fell for Nikolai even though he never gave me a reason to.

We have a routine now he comes home late and he either fucks me cause we never make love--I don't think he knows how to make love-- or he goes to sleep. I always wake up alone in bed. The only other times I see him is if we have an event to attend and even then we barely even speak to each other until we get to the event and act like the perfect couple. Plastering a fake smile and pretending. 

"Mila, open the door!" I hear Nikolai's voice come from behind the door along with banging on the door.


I quickly hung up the phone and hid the burner phone under all the towels reminding myself to take it out of there later. Before heading to open the door I flush the toilet.

"Mila, open the fucking door now! before I br-!" I cut him off by opening the door and I immediately regretted the look he was giving me. If looks can kill I would have been dead in seconds.

Nikolai is a gorgeous man with his smooth wavy short dark brown hair that makes me want to run my fingers through them forever. His gray eyes make his tan skin filled with tattoos glow. His flawless face with a little stubble. He's a tall man with a lot of muscle. I don't even think he has a percentage of fat in him.  

He pushes his way into the bathroom looking around for someone or something.

"I was using the bathroom." I lie looking down at my feet not wanting him to see right through my lie. I see his shoes right in front of mine and mentally curse at myself. I know better than when he's in the same room as me I need to look at him or either I'll be punished. 

Lifting my head and looking into his gorgeous gray eyes.

Pull your shit together Mila.

He doesn't say anything, just stares me down with something in his eyes that I can't quite tell what it is. Not wanting to be in this situation I take a slow step back hoping he doesn't notice but he's Nikolai Ivanov he notices everything.

I swear I thought I had seen him...frown when he noticed my step back, God all these hormones got me imagining Nikolai frowning.

"Um... it's getting late I'm gonna head to bed." Nikolai tilts his head looking confused.

"Moya printsessa." He shakes his head, "It's only seven that's pretty early to go to bed isn't it." He continued making me frown. Why was he so early? Did we have an event that I must have forgotten? My eyes go wide and panic shoots through my whole body.

[My princess]

"Do we have an event tonight? If so, I must have forgotten?" I prayed that he wouldn't be angry and start yelling or worse punish me.

"No," he takes a step closer towards me, putting less space between us. "I do live here, I can come whatever time I want." I am surprised he's very calm.

He is mostly very stressed and tense, nothing close to being calm. He's like a ticking bomb. If something doesn't go his way any little thing he'll explode and things get ugly.

"Right well I'm tired so I'll be heading to bed." Turning around to take a step but I'm stopped by a grip on my wrists. I turn my head to be met by his gray eyes.

"I expect you at the dinner table in ten minutes and don't want you fainting later."

His grip tightens on my wrist making me shut my eyes tightly when I don't answer. I don't have to look at my wrist to know there's a bruise already forming.

"Okay...okay, I'll be down in ten minutes." I try to pull my hand out of his grip but he's too strong.

"Look at me when you speak to me." Opening my eyes I see his jaw tighten.

Shit, he's angry.

Looking him right in the eye. "I'll be down in ten minutes," I whispered as his grip on my wrist loosened but didn't let go. Not trying to get him angrier I stayed still. I let him hold my wrist without breaking eye contact. Until his phone rings, he stares at me for a few more seconds before nodding to the room. I don't hesitate to leave the bathroom.

I head towards my side of the bed and get out my backup burner phone, dialing Sofia's number praying she picks up before Nikolai comes out. 

"Mila, oh thank god." I hear Sofia let out a breath on the other line.

"Listen, we are doing this tonight, is everything ready?" I whispered, taking another glance at the bathroom door hearing him yell in Russian.

"Tonight? Did something go wrong?" God, I don't have time for her questions right now. "Sofia is everything ready. I want to get out of here tonight."

"Yes, I can get everything ready for tonight." I released a break I didn't know I was holding.

"Okay perfect I'll meet you at our spot at three." Suddenly his yelling ended. "I have to go take care."

"You too." I quickly put the phone back into my box and pushed the box under the bed. 

——Thank you guys for reading my book

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Thank you guys for reading my book. I know it's short but it will get better. Share your thoughts with me it will help me with ideas for Mila and Nikolai's story.

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