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Diner Girl | Sweet Pea  by layloot
Diner Girl | Sweet Pea by Layla
Just after the Blossoms incident, Riverdale has took an even worse turn. And Addison Galloway was right in the middle of it. The Black Hood, a new mystery in the town, s...
Milk n' Cookies||Karl Jacobs by PandoraPage
Milk n' Cookies||Karl Jacobsby Pandora
Just as you hoped, you had indeed received an email from the college, one of the notifications from last night. Your eyes skimmed the paragraphs, focusing on the last on...
Starstruck| Sk8 x Reader by diasficx
Starstruck| Sk8 x Readerby —»hi»
┏━━━━•❃°•°❀°•°❃•━━━━┓ In which an ex-surfer girl, grows a new passion for skating, after 3 years moving into Japan and being best friends with Reki Kyan. And meeting ...
Skate! by JazzyReads761
Skate!by Loser_writes_fanfics
Dream, a skater, with a bunch of skater friends. George, a skater, having just moved, had only one skater friend. George and his friend are skating at the park. What hap...
Knee Pads by violadavis
Knee Padsby cate
There's nothing dramatic about roller derby. © 2020 caterina george // all rights reserved
[SKATER AU] Smack-dab in the middle of the city, there's a skate park where eccentric skater boys come from all types of neighborhoods. Weddings, fights, parties, and mo...
Roller Skates by FreddyAkaNoah
Roller Skatesby Freddy
Estelle Jennifer's parents never let her out on school nights, forcing her to instead study to their comfort. One night she sneaks out and runs into Reese McKenney. A gi...
Soy Sol (A Soy Luna Fanfic) by Sapphire_TheWriter
Soy Sol (A Soy Luna Fanfic)by Sapphire_TheWriter
After four years of Season Three of Soy Luna, the gang reunite at the Jam and Roller one summer for Simón and Ámbar's wedding. When they find out that the Jam and Roller...
The new kid  by randomfanfics11
The new kid by randomfanfics11
You, y/n banks are Adam banks daughter. You like to play,watch and do anything that involves with hockey your Dad taught you everything you need to know, Then a kid name...
roller skating rink  (monty x reader)  by abcbunny
roller skating rink (monty x Somerandomb¡tch
(!Not getting any updates at the moment!) Hello Hello! This is a monty x animatronic!Reader This is just for fun so don't take it to serious but anyway I hope you enj...
Reki Kyan | Alive by alitsumi
Reki Kyan | Aliveby alitsumi
My entire life, I had waited to feel something real; something thats worth my time, only to realize this isn't something I am to search for. It's something that comes to...
Roller Baby (Tododeku) by KinziFace
Roller Baby (Tododeku)by Jirou
I watched as he skated, gracefully rolling around the rink, swirling and dancing to the music. Once he jumped, the crowd whooped and whooed, amazed by his moves. He made...
Will has powers from the upside down || STRANGER-THINGS AU by mollysimpsforskep
Will has powers from the upside Saturn
Will byers has been feeling odd recently. When Mike Wheeler comes to California to visit. El starts to lie to Mike about her entire life. Angela decides to harm Eleven...
Undertale/Deltarune skating headcanons and stuff by AelinVsFeyre2
Undertale/Deltarune skating Undertale Nerd
Idk, cover isn't mine and I couldn't find fanart of anyone but freshby and some au muffet rollerskating im so bored
Outpoint - Gloves Up SmackDown Contest by StarSpeckledSkies
Outpoint - Gloves Up SmackDown Heetal Binwani
Outpoint (Boxing): When one boxer lands more blows each round than the other boxer, outscoring his opponent. So, this is a collection of stories I will be writing during...
gastgone | a soy luna fanfic by caitlinandemma
gastgone | a soy luna fanficby caitlinandemma
Five years after the grand finale of Soy Luna we catch up with our old friends as a huge mystery unfolds. Somebody's dead, who is it and more importantly, who did it? W...
be positive -adam banks by tatertot4
be positive -adam banksby ☻︎
the netti sibling trio finally found their home now placed in minnesota. with the youngest sibling, dakota taking the constant change and move the hardest she tries to f...
KNOCKS ME OFF MY FEET | AN MJ JOINT  by tokyofantasies
KNOCKS ME OFF MY FEET | AN MJ jump for joy
Michael Jackson was truly, madly and deeply in love with Malina Goodwin. It's as simple as that. From the very first time he laid eyes on her, he fell hard and had never...
Soy Luna One Shots by Sapphire_TheWriter
Soy Luna One Shotsby Sapphire_TheWriter
Here is a collection of one shots dedicated to the show "Soy Luna." It includes holiday stories, proposals, ships (lutteo, gastina, simbar, pelfi, yamiro, etc...
Vodka Pineapple | Surfer/Bartender Calum Hood AU by morningfears
Vodka Pineapple | Surfer/ cat
Evie Porter, a college student from Los Angeles, wanted a normal summer without the pressure of internships, classes, and the desire to impress her parents weighing on h...