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honey, honey (jacob elordi) by 1-800-ILOVEHOTGUYS
honey, honey (jacob elordi)by 1-800-ILOVEHOTGUYS
"and now i know what they mean, he's a love machine" when mia-who lives on a popular vacation island-meets a handsome celebrity stranger, she falls in love. wh...
Starstruck| Sk8 x Reader by lpunchlinel
Starstruck| Sk8 x Readerby —»hi»
┏━━━━•❃°•°❀°•°❃•━━━━┓ In which an ex-surfer girl, grows a new passion for skating, after 3 years moving into Japan and being best friends with Reki Kyan. And meeting ...
Isabella Knight daughter of Kendall and Jo by KyrklindMangan
Isabella Knight daughter of Kyrklind Mangan27
After finding fame at age 16, Kendall Knight from the band Big Time Rush along with Jo have gotten married. After getting married, Kendall and Jo had a daughter together...
Sunkissed By Your Lips (JJ Maybank OBX fan fiction) by NalaWoods
Sunkissed By Your Lips (JJ NalaWoods
SET IN: OUTER BANKS SEASON 1 "The sunkissed ones, they leave a sweetness with you that changes the air you breathe forever" - unknown. JJ is the Prince of Pogu...
The perfect summer.  book 2  by AshleyBatacchi4
The perfect summer. book 2 by AshleyBatacchi4
Cheers to the sweet sunshine kissing my skin , hi it's summer follow me in my brand new living situation in sunny Florida as I'm making brand new friends and a boyfriend...
Washed off by Wave  by acyxizer
Washed off by Wave by Acy
[Epistolary] After 4 months of disappearing, Quinn's friends just found her posting in Instagram that immediately made a discussion... only for them to found out that Qu...
Tidal Wave (Robby Keene/Book 1) by Perle_Daisy
Tidal Wave (Robby Keene/Book 1)by Perle_Daisy
"Why is it when you finally start acting like me, you get kicked?" "Rotten lu-" *************************************** I might follow the story lin...
The Storm Ignites || Johnny Storm by X-Lisa-Anne-X
The Storm Ignites || Johnny Stormby Lisa Anne
Two years have gone by. Reed and Sue are getting married, Ben and Alisha are still happily together. As for June and Johnny; they were at their happiest - together and...
What She Craves by Summer_Haze__
What She Cravesby Summer Haze 💛
Lexi's a surfer and surfing is her passion, but a new boy comes to town bringing a certain type of passion, a certain type of love she's been craving . Her past broke he...
Brothers Best Friend    I Pablo Gavi by gavi_pablo
Brothers Best Friend I Pablo gavi_pablo
UGH! Why does he have to be my brothers best friend?
I Saw Her First! - Luffy x Surfer!Reader x Law by Yon_Daitenshi
I Saw Her First! - Luffy x CJ
Well this the story I Made in deviantart as well and I still don't own anything okay? Just enjoy only...
no you don't by olivia-jane23
no you don'tby olivia x
UNKNOWN NUMBER 2:49am I love you no you don't SD: 02.11.2020 FD: 15.12.2020 *This is written in lower case because I thought I was cool and edgy at the time and to be...
// The Sky is up//  Teen beach movie by Cheshire--Cat
// The Sky is up// Teen beach Cheshire Who
Brady and Mack arrive at Brady's favourite movie, Wet side story. What will happen when Brady meets his dream girl?? Read this and find out.
The Dangers of Finley's Island by littlejupiter12
The Dangers of Finley's Islandby littlejupiter12
Eleanor Finley Park, secret daughter of the practically famous business man located in Melbourne, who's life resides on the gorgeous beach island just off the coast. Whe...
𝑀𝑎𝑦𝑏𝑒 𝐼 𝑎𝑚 𝐹𝑎𝑙𝑙𝑖𝑛𝑔❤︎︎ by youreverydayidoit
𝑀𝑎𝑦𝑏𝑒 𝐼 𝑎𝑚 𝐹𝑎𝑙𝑙𝑖𝑛𝑔❤ Sunny
Y/N L/N has a pretty normal home life, well that is until she gets transported to a magical movie world. She's execpted into the surfer family and everything seems fine...
Soul Surfer by thesweetangel01
Soul Surferby Sweet Angel
Lydia Hamilton is a surfer like her twin. One day with her twin, best friend, her boyfriend and her best friend/boyfriends dad, it happened. Ever since that time her li...
The Surfer's Heart by PlanetGinger
The Surfer's Heartby Holly Jaye
When Brooke Adams hears of an upcoming surfing competition taking place but minutes from her home on the island of Oahu, she sees no choice but to enter. The winner of t...
Fallen Angel by Cerberous10
Fallen Angelby J̷͙͓̝͉̺̫̯̘̇̌͑͂̑ǎ̢͚̦̩̤̆̓͂͂̇̑ͅ...
Sequel to Archangel. The Fantastic Four have managed to defeat Victor Von Doom and are now waiting for Reed and Sue's wedding but when Silver Surfer shows up as a herald...