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After about an hour his breathing even meant he was sleeping

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After about an hour his breathing even meant he was sleeping. I go over the plan in my head one last time making sure I have my things ready.

I look down at his big warm hand on my stomach. If he was different and there was love in our marriage I wouldn't run away but I don't want my baby to grow up in this life I want my baby to have a normal life.

Slowly picking up his heaving hand and placing it on his side, right when I was free and out of his grip his hand started to look for me looking up at his face I see he has a frown, quickly grabbing my pillow and setting it as if it was me. He doesn't hesitate to grab it and pull it to his chest.

He looks so harmless and innocent.


Yes, he looks cute like a big baby sleeping.

Stop it, get out.

Looking away from him I turn to look at the clock. It just turns two so I have an hour to get to our spot and I'll be free.

Slowly making sure I don't make any noise I tip-toe to the walk-in closet where I hid my backpack.

I packed it a couple of days ago. All it has is my passions and a lot of money I took from Nikolai safe. Maybe around sixty thousand.

Putting on some random shoes I have laying around, putting my bag on my shoulders. Quietly making my way to the door I turned around looking at Nikolai one last time he looks so peaceful and calm when sleeping making me want to go back into bed and cuddle up next to his warm body again and feel his touch on my skin. When he touched me it lit my whole body on fire.

I wonder if he feels the same way.

For God's sake, what am I thinking, of course, he doesn't he's a cold-hearted murder who only thinks about himself? He just married me because our fathers arranged it and it is good for business. He doesn't love me for christ's sake I don't even think he can stand me only to warm up his bed he could stand me.

This is why I don't want my child to grow up in a place like this. I know it's selfish but I rather have my child grow up without a father than have a cruel father that won't show or love their child.

I can feel my eyes start to water up with tears wanting to escape. How could I be so stupid to fall in love with him?

He never gave me a reason to fall in love with him but yet I still have stupidity and somehow fell in love with Nikolai.

I tear my eyes away from him not wanting to make this harder on myself.

Slowly opening the door making sure not to make any noise. Stepping out of the room and closing the door slowly before tip-toeing down the hall. Releasing a breath I didn't know I was holding. Making my way to the stairs praying that no one sees me.

Stopping right before the back glass slide door. You can't see from the inside so I push my face on the glass checking if Jon is there.

The coast is clear.

Jon is one of the bodyguards that guards the back of the house. But at this time he's always fucking one of the maids.

He's such a pig.

The only thing I'm gonna miss about this place is Nina the chef more like a second mother to me and her daughter Anastasia. They are the only ones who showed me love in this house made me feel happy again since my mother passes away. They are like family and it breaks my heart that I have to leave them. But I have to think about my baby and their future.

Nina always told me that Nikolai will change he just needs time but every time she told me that the more I lost hope.

I hope I could have told them or at least keep contact with them but it's just too risky for us. I need to let them go to give my baby the best future. I know it's selfish, but I hope they understand where I'm coming from and why I made this decision.

I took a deep breath before I type in the code so the alarm doesn't go off. After putting in the code and seeing the red dot turn green I didn't hesitate to open the door and start running as my life depended on it.

My life and my child's life depend on it.

That makes me run faster towards the long tall gate.

Once I get closer I start to see two human figures start to form.

Shit. Shit. Shit.

I didn't even think twice to do the first thing that popped inside my head. Going to the garden and getting a big rock I threw it inside the pool which made a noise getting the attention of the guards. I could see them both walking to the pool. I don't hesitate to run towards the gate again. I looked back to see the guards still with their backs to me starting at the pool.

I take out the key that opens the gate.

Almost there.

Unlocking the gate with shaky hands I quietly open it, turning back to see the two guards still in the same spot.

I slipped through the gate and closed it making sure the click sound isn't too loud when I finally close the gate.

We're free. We're free. We're free.

I start running through the dark rubbing my hand over my stomach with a smile on my face.

I finally stop running and take deep breaths trying to calm down. A car comes towards me and stops.

Fuck if it's Nikolai's men I'm fucked. 

The back door opens and I see Sofias head pop out. "Oh thank God you made it." I don't hesitate to get inside the backseat.

Sofia braces me into a tight hug that I didn't realize I needed. "We're free Mila." I smile with tears rolling down my cheeks.

"Yes, we are."

We drive as far as possible hoping we never have to come back to this hell.

But once you've been in hell there's no way out of it.

——Hope you enjoyed this chapter!! I will post real soon thank you for taking the time and reading my book

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Hope you enjoyed this chapter!! I will post real soon thank you for taking the time and reading my book.

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