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4 years later

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4 years later

I throw myself on my soft bed after a long shift at work. I work at a small cute diner that I love. I've worked there since we moved here.

Right, when I was about to drift to sleep I felt a small movement on the bed shortly after I felt small arms hugging my body.

"I missed you, mommy." I hear my three-year-old say. She will turn four in two weeks my baby is growing up so fast. I opened my eyes to see my beautiful daughter Alina. I named her after my mother.

She looks a lot like Nikolai. She has the most gorgeous gray eyes that she got from him with long, thick lashes, a cute little nose, the only thing she got from me was her wavy black hair, she has the brightest smile that never fails to make my whole day.

I wrapped my hands around her bringing her close to my chest giving her kisses all over her face making her giggle.

"I missed you too, my little monster," I said between kisses. She growled like Sullivan.

Alina loves the movie Monsters Inc. She watches it almost every day so I started to call her my little monster and she loved it she even growls whenever I call her by her nickname.

She is my whole world.

Sofia and I got new identities when we escaped my fake name is Grace Wilson and Sofia changed her to Lila Wilson but since we wanted to use our real names at home when alone Alina soon picked up on it and now calls Sofia by her real name and when people ask why she calls her Sofia we just tell them it's her nickname by Alina. People just laugh and say it's cute no one suspects anything.

Alina runs out of the room screaming for her aunt Sofia. I walk towards the bathroom to take a shower.

Letting the boiling hot water run down my face and body is why I love showers. They calm me. Make me forget my problems for a while, clearing my head from any stress.

"Mommy hurry up!" Alina yells on the other side of the door. I let out a laugh. She can be sweet but she can also be very impatient. Another trait she got from him. Turning the water off and stepping out wrapping a towel around my body I head to my room to get changed.

I changed into a stitch onesie with a white tank top and shorts under, and I decided to just let my hair air dry today.

Walking to the kitchen I can smell the cheesy greasy pizza. Sofia and Alina are both seated at the coach with matching stitch onesies watching Monsters Inc while eating pizza. Alina is just eating the pizza cheese getting sauce on her cheeks and fingers.

Every Friday we wear matching onesies and eat fatty food while watching movies. It's our favorite day of the week.

Sofia changed her looks since we moved, she now has dark brown hair that used to be a beautiful fire red. I on the other hand kept my natural hair color just cut it shorter but outgrown it since.

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