XXXII. I Know You Miss Me

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37.5444° N, 127.0374° E - Seoul Forest

"Didn't you see??? There was a creature there, a literal monster was seen-"

"That isn't what we asked you. Did you or did you not kidnap a girl named Hwang Minji?"

"I didn't!"

"Sir, based on the report and on the CCTV footage we've seen, you made her unconscious and carried her away. Is that not kidnapping?"

"I mean...technically it is but-"

"It would be easier for you if you admit you did and not give excuses."

Levi sighed, he kept quiet knowing that the police won't listen. His best bet is to explain to the court when he has a lawyer. Though, he doesn't know if he can even afford to have one. Luckily, he remembered that there are public lawyers - it made him feel slightly less worried. 

Upon his name being called, Levi stood up and followed the police officer to the custody suite. There he was apprehended while the police process the case.

He entered the cell and sat on the bed - wondering how he'll get out of this mess. Yes, he did a good thing, but now that he's detained - he thinks if the cause was worth his arrest.

There he spent the rest of his night, in an uncomfortable bed without cushions, a blanket that barely kept him warm, and just one pillow.

He saved a girl from getting knocked out cold - but paid the cost of his body succumbing to the frostbite of the night.


"Wake up Choi."

Keys hit the metal bars of Levi's cells - causing a loud clanging sound that woke the boy up.

"You have a visitor."

Levi rubbed his eyes, seeing the metal gate open. He slowly got up from his bed, tossing his no-good blanket to the side. He followed the officer to a visitor's area - where he sat on a chair at one side of the wall - and the visitor on the other chair at the opposite side.

The two sides were separated by a glass wall so that both can see each other - and there were also telephones on the side so that they can hear and speak.

The visitor was none other than the girl herself, Minji. She came to the police station to talk to Levi and confirm her thoughts with him before presenting herself as evidence that he is not supposed to be in jail.

"You saved me from Jay, right? Or was that just a coincidence?" Minji asked the half-blonde-half-black-haired boy.

"Yes, I did save you." he replied.

"How did you know that he was going after me?"

With all honesty, Levi didn't know that Jay was after her. He wasn't sure of it, but he just had a gut feeling that Jay was. The way Jay's eyes looked that day - no good can be derived from it.

"You might not have seen it because you were too busy questioning me, but his eyes were not normal. His Irises were color pink instead of black, and his Pupils were smaller than how it was supposed to be."

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