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I'm in a fight or flight situation well kinda cause I won't stand a chance fighting up to him so more like flight or flight

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I'm in a fight or flight situation well kinda cause I won't stand a chance fighting up to him so more like flight or flight.

I picked Alina up and ran as fast as I could towards the emergency exit. Not turning around to see if they saw me or to respond to Noah who keeps calling after me.

"Mommy!" Alina cries out. Once I was about to open the exit door, shots fired. People screaming, people running, Alina's loud crying. Ducking down quickly sheltering Alina's body with mines hiding behind a booth.

"Take another fucking step Mila and I won't hesitate to shoot him."

Slowly lifting my head my breathing hitches once I'm met with his stormy gray eyes.

"Grace are you guys okay." I lowered my gaze to Noah, my eyes widened seeing Nikolai having him at gunpoint.

"H-he has nothing to do with this." I blurted out surprising myself in the process holding Alina closer to me.

Nikolai chuckled darkly, sending a shiver down my spine. He snapped his fingers and his men. They started to kick and punch Noah. I flinched.

"Stop it s-stop!" I yelled which made Alina cry, her tiny arms hugging me tighter.

Why? Why did he have to find us and ruin our lives?
"P-please!" I begged, seeing Noah's weak body on the floor still taking kicks and punches from the men. Bloodstains the white floor.

"Enough," Nikolai ordered. His men instantly stopped at the demand and stepped away, making me let out a breath.

"Mommy," Alina whispered.

"Shhh, mommy's here." Hugging her tighter to my body.
Once he noticed Alina he got tense, his eyes getting darker by the second. Does he think she's not his? He's dumb if he does cause Alina has almost all his feathers?

"Let's go." I shake my head in response.

Tears silently rolled down my cheeks. This is not the life I want for Alina, I don't want her to grow up in that fucked up lifestyle.

"It isn't a request!" He barked, making me flinch.
If I make a run for it I have a one percent chance of escaping successfully. All I wanted was for Alina to have a normal life away from danger away from him.

Nikolai took long steps toward us. I finally took the time to take him in. Nikolai hasn't changed much; he still has that scary yet beautiful face with a little bit of stubble that wasn't there before, his stormy gray eyes emotionless like always. His arms grew more muscle. White dress shirt hugging his biceps making him look sexy, sleeves rolled up to his elbows with black slacks that if he turns around I'll get a good view of his ass-

Wait what the fuck am I thinking. Pull your shit together Mila.

He grabs my arm in a tight grip making me whimper in pain. What the fuck is his problem. I yank my hand out of his tight grip.

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