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"Everything is going smoothly here

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"Everything is going smoothly here. Our shipment from Russia just arrived and I'm about to head to the club to make sure everything is working smoothly Boss." Viktor said on the other line.

"Okay yeah, that's the only reason why you're going to the club totally not to fuck strippers." I rolled my eyes.

"You know me so well."

"Shut up." I hear laughter on the other line.

"Have you found Mila yet?" My hands ball into fists at the mention of her.

"She's at some ice cream shop I'm heading to right now."

"Call you back Boss just made it to the club." He makes a kissing sound. I signed and hung up. I don't even know how I'm friends with him. He can be so childish but serious at the same time. If he wasn't my best friend I would have killed him already.

We arrived at the location my men said Mila was seen. I look around and I freeze but my heart is racing like crazy in my chest. Something that hasn't happened since she left.

It's her.

She still takes my breath away. So stunning. She has cut her black sleek wavy hair since the last time I saw her, but I can easily still wrap my hand around it a couple of times. My cock agrees too. Her body didn't change much due to the fact my cock is thriving inside of my slacks wanting to get inside of her.

Suddenly all the anger I felt for her slowly died down.

Wait what fuck I should be angry at her for leaving me, for leaving me in the dark again.

But the longer I stare at her the more my anger leaves my body and is replaced with want and desire for her. All I want to do is bring her home so I can have my way with her.

Then that's when I noticed Mila isn't alone. She is with a little girl who looks happy smiling up at Mila. Who is this little girl? There was nothing in the report about a little girl. She looks like Mila with her black wavy short hair.

I narrowed my eyes looking between Mila and the little girl. I clenched my fist. Is that Milas daughter? Who's the father? My blood is boiling. I tear my gaze from her and look forward trying to calm myself down but it isn't working.

I want to kill someone. I want to kill the bastard who got her pregnant.

I look back towards her and the sight in front of me makes me clench my fist tighter making my knucks turn white. A soon-to-be-dead man talking to Mila and he fucking hugs her.

Who's this fucking prick how dare he touches what's mine. Only I can touch her.

My blood boiled even more to the point I thought my insides would be cooked. Is he the father? Did Mila let the man touch her? Did she make a family with another man?

Fucking. Dead. Man.

She looks around paranoid then she looks towards me before she looks at that prick and smiles.

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