XXXIII. My Decision

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As magic dropped from the sky in the form of a crystal flake, students and teachers alike walk through the snow-covered paths of the campus.

For some students, the winter season is quite fun. Being an ice skater, Sunghoon will have his annual Christmas skating recital in the frozen lake of the campus.

This season is exciting for another boy - Ni-ki. Thanks to all his hard work for the past 2 years - he and his group will finally make their debut at the end of the month.

But for students who don't have many extracurricular activities, it was a busy time of the year. Despite the cold weather - the school's hell week sure does keep their blood boiling through numerous exams and projects.

"I'll have to go home to my family this Christmas season, and I probably won't be back until after New Year." Minji said as she took a sip of her hot chocolate.

"Aww, that's unfortunate. We won't be able to celebrate Christmas together, and we can't celebrate early either because of school works." Sunoo sighed

"Yeah...this is the life of a college student - never-ending school works."

The two wanted to plan a trip for the whole friend group - but an out-of-town trip seems unlikely to happen.

"Well, there are a few days left before the end of the semester. And I won't leave immediately, we can plan a quick lunch date with all our other friends." Minji suggested

"I like that idea! And speaking of lunch date - are you sure you don't want to join me, Jay, and Jake hyung later?"

"I really want to! But I can' physiology finals are in 2 days, and I really need to keep studying."

"Haven't you been studying since last week? And you're even studying right now as we're on a bus." Sunoo raised his eyebrow at the study-holic girl.

"Hey! Med school is not easy. How will I be a doctor if I fail this?" She nudged at him.

The bus came to a halt, stopping right in front of the school campus. Minji and Sunoo stepped out of the bus, only to see a man waiting right at the bus stop.

Minji smiled - seeing Heeseung looking fondly at her made her heart flutter.

"Hey!" Heeseung said with a charming smile.

"I was waiting for you." He said - eyes locked on Minji.

"I-I mean I was waiting for both of-"

"Don't- don't even." Sunoo said, walking right past the two as he raised his hand as a goodbye.

" are you? Have you been studying well for your finals?"

"You know, I'm almost going to lose my mind. There's just so much to do, I haven't even bought gifts to give yet."

"Well, you should focus on your studies first. I'm sure no one's going to be angry if you don't give them a gift or you give the gift late."

"That is true."

"Like me, I don't really want you to spend money on buying me a gift-"

"I'm gonna give you a gift??" Minji stared at Heeseung - to which he replied with a shocked expression.

"I'm just kidding~"

Heeseung rolled his eyes, poking her arms in annoyance.

"But seriously, you really don't need to." Heeseung said as he took her bag, carrying it for her.

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