~𝒞𝒽𝒶𝓅𝓉𝑒𝓇 𝓃𝒾𝓃𝑒~

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We arrived at the motel my printsessa is hiding in along with her daughter

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We arrived at the motel my printsessa is hiding in along with her daughter. My fist clenched. When we arrive back home I will make sure to put my baby in her. She can only carry my baby's no one else's.

I see my men walking up to the car she used to get here. He then slices all four of them. My printsessa had everything planned. She knew sooner or later I would find her.

Getting out of the car making my way towards the shitting motel. My men surrounded the whole place. I swear if they let her slip through my fingers again I will kill them all.

A man is smiling at me once I entered but it dies down once he sees the look on my face. "How m-may I help you, sir?"

"I need the room key of a young lady that came here with a little girl." If this old man doesn't give me the key I won't hesitate to shoot him. No one is gonna get in my way to bring my printsessa back home.

"Oh yes, sir you're her husband she was waiting for." His smile returns and he turns around to grab a key.

"Ahh, so you're the husband." Someone behind me said. I turn around to see a shorter man standing in front of me with alcoholic breath. "Let me ask you something, does she taste as good as she smells or looks?"

My blood started to boil no one disrespects my wife.

I grab him by the throat, instantly cutting his airway, lifting his body off the floor, his face turning a bluish color letting me know he isn't breathing. I smirk as he struggles to get my hands off his throat.

"Neuvazheniye k moyey zhene, I ty ne budesh' zhiv, chtoby sdelat' eto snova." And with that, I snapped his neck letting his lifeless body fall hard onto the floor.

(Disrespect my wife and you won't be alive to do it again.)

I fix my sleeve, rolling them back up to my elbow. Taking out my phone calling one of my men to get rid of the fuckers body.

I turned around to see a shocked and feared old man.

"The key," I said impatiently. He quickly gave me the key with a shaky hand. I threw a couple of hundreds on the counter to shut him up. This place badly needs it.

I walked towards the room she was staying in taking another glance at the key which had the room number on it making sure I got the right room. I stopped in front of the room that had number sixty painted on the door.

Slowly unlocking the door I make my way into the darkroom making sure to be quiet. There is still some light coming into the room from the blinds giving me a view of Mila and her daughter sleeping on the bed.

Mila's malen'kiy bliznets sure is tiny but is taking more than half the bed. Walking closer towards my beautiful printsessa she looks at peace while sleeping.

(Little twin.)

When I first saw her in the ice cream shop she looked better than I had imagined she looked...happy it's almost as if she's better off without me and that doesn't sit well with me cause she's mine.

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