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I woke up with an aching headache, pain in my wrists and ankles

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I woke up with an aching headache, pain in my wrists and ankles. What did I drink last night? I try to get more comfortable on this heavenly bed but fail when I can't move.

I instantly open my eyes to be met with my old cage. Nikolai's room. The memories from last night play in my head.

I see my wrist and ankles are tied tightly with red rope.

Oh God, where's Alina? I look around the room trying to find Alina. My heart rate picked up when I didn't find her.

"Alina," I shouted yanking at the rope on my wrist hard making me let out a cry. Tears blurred my vision while I pulled at the rope. I can see through my blurry vision that my wrists are purple and red but that's not gonna stop me. "Alina." I pull harder this time I can see blood streaming down my wrist. I let out a scream when I kept pulling.

"Enough Mila." I look up seeing Nikolai standing in front of the bed. Where the hell did he come from? I still pulled on the rope and kicked my legs like a wild animal still not giving up.

Next thing I know Nikolai is on top of me putting most of his weight on me not letting me move a muscle. "I said enough." he hissed at me with a stern look on his face.

"Where's Alina?" I demanded but he just looked at me.

"Where is-"

"Is Alina my daughter?" He asked, cutting me off.

Now I'm the one staring at him not answering his question. It doesn't matter if I answer he probably already has his and Alina's DNA getting tested right now.

Why couldn't he just have moved on and let us be free, now I'm back here in my golden cage once again? Trapped.

When I didn't answer he grabbed my jaw hard in a harsh manner, looking into my eyes. I swallowed the lump that had formed in my throat the more he looked into my eyes with a dangerous look. "Alina is my daughter."

He clenched his jaw, I winced in pain as his grip tightened on my jaw.

"Answer my fucking question Mila or I swear I'll spank it out of you." He threatened, a challenging look in his eyes daring me to go against him.

"Yes...you're the sperm donor," I said idiotically, immediately regretting the way I confessed he was the father. But I don't think that's what pissed him off, it was the fact that I hid Alina away from him.

I hid his heir from him.

I kinda feel bad cause I know I would have been beyond pissed if he hid Alina from me. But I'm not showing him any mercy.

He shoved my face away and a muscle jumped in his jaw, his eyes turning darker. His gaze grew harder as he just stared down at me making me want to shrink away, but his body and these stupid ropes kept me in place.

It was so silent one could hear a needle drop. His silence feared me more.

"Where is my daughter?" I'm already pissed with these stupid ropes on me like I'm his fucking pet and now he won't tell me where my daughter is.

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