XXXIV. Nightmare on Christmas Eve

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(yes, I waited for the 24th to upload this chapter. the chapter title wouldn't make sense if I updated it earlier)


"It's a good thing his parents allowed him. You would've wasted a lot of money buying 2 tickets only to find out you'll be going by yourself." Sunoo packed Minji's folded clothes into her luggage.

"Yeahhh, I guess I was too excited to buy the plane tickets." Minji responded as she placed her toiletries in a small pouch.

After a few more minutes of packing and chatting, Minji was ready to leave for her flight that departs in 2 hours.

As she looked around to make sure she got everything she needed, Sunoo brought her luggage and backpack to the front door.

"You're all set. Instead of bringing those ugly paper bags, I placed all your gifts in this backpack I found in your closet." Sunoo handed her her belongings.

"Thanks, I appreciate your help. Though, you really didn't need to. It's a day before Christmas."

"Don't worry about it!! I live 2 streets away, it's no big deal."

Sunoo opened the door, hearing 2 honks immediately after stepping outside.

"That's your ride." Sunoo said, assuming the honks were from Heeseung's car waiting outside the apartment building.

Like the gentleman he is, Heeseung opened the car door for Minji and got her things - putting it in the trunk of the car.

"You know, calling a cab would be much cheaper compared to paying for your car's parking for a couple of days." Sunoo said.

"Oh yeahhh...ehh, too late for that now." Heeseung said as he closed the trunk.

Heeseung went inside the car after giving Sunoo a farewell hug - he waited for Minji to get in too.

"Bye Sunoo~ We'll call as soon as we arrive!!" She said, giving a goodbye hug as well.

As she slowly let go of their hug, they hear a sudden thud from the front of the car.

In shock, they saw Heeseung checking the engine of the car with his sleeves rolled up.

"Is...everything okay?" Minji asked.

"The car won't start. The battery ran out of power - it might take a couple of hours for a delivery of new batteries to arrive since it's a day before Christmas." Heeseung sighed in disappointment, his hands on his waist.

"Now you wish you would have taken the cab huh?" Sunoo can't help but laugh at the unfortunate turn of the events.

As Heeseung opened the trunk again to get their bags, Sunoo decided to help out as best as he can - and by help, he means calling Jay.

"Leave the keys with me-" Sunoo said - getting a surprised reaction from Heeseung.

"There's no way I'm leaving this with you!" Heeseung said, gently touching the car as if it was a precious pet.

"It'll stay here sheesh." Sunoo rolled his eyes at his hyung.

"I'll call Jay hyung - a person with WAY more cars than you -  to help me out here, happy?"

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