XXXV. Seeing Double?

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"You're back...but I-....I don't understand..."

Despite this being what she wanted, Minji couldn't think straight. Yes, she did want Jungwon to come back, but she feels something rising inside her.

Though she felt partially happy, it was overshadowed by sadness mixed with anger.

"Why didn't you tell us?? Or tell me??" she teared up.

She tightened her grip on the handle of her luggage, and she couldn't even look Jungwon in the eyes.

"D-do you know how many days - no - how many months I spent waiting by your door every single day??"

She sniffled, wiping the few tears that exited from her eyes. She whimpered quietly, waiting for Jungwon's response.

"Do you know...?"

Jungwon heard the despair in her voice - it made him feel guilty for the things he did.

"I said do you know??!!" Minji shouted, causing other people to focus their attention on her.

"Minji please, let's not do this here, people are watching." Heeseung calmly said, pulling her by the arm.

"I don't care." She said, pulling her arm back away from him.

She then focused on Jungwon again, this time trying to look at him despite her watery eyes.

"You couldn't even call one of us. You didn't tell us why you left, and you also couldn't even tell us you were still alive."

She took a deep breath in, suddenly pushing Jungwon aside and walking right past him.

"I know we were only friends for a few months, and I know you think we're nobodies - that I'm nobody - But to me at least, you were my friend."

She looked at him while still facing forward - seeing Jungwon in her peripheral view.

"You think we wouldn't raise a finger when you went missing - but I raised my whole hand." she said before moving forward.

Junwgon sighed. He didn't think he'd have to confront her this early in his arrival.

He thought he'd have a day or two before coming to her personally, unfortunately for him, they met right away.

Heeseung followed her trail, but he stopped for a while - standing right beside Junwgon.

"I'm sorry..." Jungwon said.

He couldn't tell Minji how sorry he was. It was because he couldn't express it in words and because he didn't want to rush asking for forgiveness.

He knew that she wasn't in the right mindset to talk.

"Though you haven't explained why you disappeared, I forgive you." Heeseung spoke.

His words brought a small smile to Jungwon. At least there was some light in the dark encounter.

"I know you wouldn't leave just like that if it wasn't important."

"It was important...but how did you know that..?"

"I don't. I just feel it." Heeseung said, patting his shoulders before quickly running off to follow Minji.

Jungwon looked back, staring at his hyung as dozens of thoughts ran through his head.

"I'm sorry....I just wanted to protect you, all of you....I didn't mean to hurt anyone..."


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